13 Spirals Mystery School

Weaving the Sacred and Everyday and the sacred ways of women



For women who want to create their lives…


Archetypal Mentoring

The feminine archetypes are a portal into our multidimensional nature. Travel to the oracle within, enter the Sacred Mystery, and return with knowledge that is needed to create a vibrant and sustainable life, family, community and world.


Tree Ogham Divination Sessions

60-90 minute Intuitive sessions with the Sacred Trees to articulate what you are seeking and what is seeking you. Take a step toward living into answers you seek. Align with the language of the trees, a language that connects us with the Web of Life. Nourishing. Affriming. Illuminating.

Rite of the Womb

Open up wide ranging opportunities for yourself, tap into your natural power as healer; for self, each other and Mother Earth; create a space for us all to thrive and grow.

I have a life coach. Technically she is a Shaman Priestess. But I think of her as a life coach. I mean yes there is flowers and sage and divinity cards and meditations and visualization and all the witchy stuff. But we talk about my modern life and the ways in which I’m living out of alignment with my self, with my soul.
She is gifted at the *true* art of inquiry. She’s wise and says the most potent one liners. She guides from a macro place, holding the bigger picture of who I am as we traverse the corners of my being.
Annie is not a therapist and doesn’t claim to be or act as if she is. She is a grounded wise woman, a healer and a guide who’s gift is leading others to their truest nature.”
— -Janaya Eveland, client @13 Spirals, Owner of Elemental Strength

My Natural Cycle

With this work, you invite in joy, curiosity, wonder, compassion, kindness and surrender as your monthly rhythms unfold in your life in magical and practical ways.


SAcred Woman’s rituals

Be part of a community that is collaborative and nourishing. Connect with yourself and others in compassion and presence. Reclaim the sacred ways of women, weaving the sacred and the everyday to build lives full of health, well- being and love. Be of Service to self and others in reverence to the cycles and rhythms coursing through our bodies, moving through the universe.


dancing with the trees

Within the resonant field of Nature we can more easily hear the Web of Life that is constantly flowing out of us, into us and through us. Attunement to the land, to the heart and soul, reminds us of the abundance and nourishment that is always available.



Archetypal Mentoring

There is so much to heal, clean up and revitalize on this planet, our Great Mother. The Sacred Feminine is rising so that we may remember- if that which we seek we do not find within, we will never find it without. Reclaim your multidimensionality, come home to yourself and sing your song of life and watch the magic ripple outward.


Rite of Passage

Rite of the Womb

Munay Ki Rites

Seasonal Initiations

Growth and change are constant, they happen by instinct. An acorn becomes an Oak, a kitten becomes a cat. We too are creatures who grow, evolve and change by instinct. Rites of Passage bring a level of conscious awareness this natural process whereby we become active creators of our lives.


Step into your unfolding as a Shaman witch Priestess