Painting by Reydoon Rassouli

Painting by Reydoon Rassouli

Seasonal Initiations

Rites of Passage hold a sacred and special place in our lives to mark the transition, with ritual and ceremony, from one way of being to another. Marriage, divorce, baptism, leaving home as an adult are all rites of passage. By entering into the dynamic of a rite of passage, we prepare to leave behind old ways, old stories, old habits and consciously take up new ways of being, new habits that support our transformation.

We are Nature, we pulse and grow within the same cycles and rhythms as Nature; coming into coherent resonance with these energies is both a Mystery and Safe; like returning home after a long journey, returning to Yourself, unfolding as the wholeness of Your Self.


Spring Initiations


Summer Initiations


Fall Initiations


Winter Initiations


Let the birds take your clothes

Let the waves undo your holding back

Let the vines unravel your tired mind

And the earth savour your sweat and tears.

Let your stories burn off like rising mist,

As your past and the false floors of curbed self love

Dissolve into butterfly wings and fire flies

As your edges blur and your cosmic self ignites.

Let the trees bathe your breath

Let the meadows embrace you

Let the mountains and the bees remind you

Let the sky flood in and allow the clouds to guide you.

Let your undoing be as total

As your becoming is beautiful –

And when the living world has climbed inside

Enough for you to feel four legs, scales and wings.

May you finally know yourself alive as all things –

Indivisible and responsible

Reborn into wholeness

Natural, Sacred and Wild

~Clare Dakin