Seasonal Rite of Passage


The Initiations of Winter bring us to the still point within ourselves, the doorway between the dark and the light. We move deeply into our own darkness to find our creative source within the Void and within that, the return of our light that must be nourished and built before any new outward growth and expansion.

At the end of each exhale there is the inhale, the drawing in of life giving prana to nourish, rejuvenate and infuse our cells and tissues with life. The Earth inhales daily every evening and also seasonally in Fall and Winter. She is preparing for the next cycle to begin again.

In the Winter, we align our energy and our Soul work with the energies and work of nature, as she walks into the Dark Void, so do we. To take this walk, we call upon our courage and self-reflection to see the ways of being that we have outgrown, cycles that are repeating without resolve. We do this with great compassion seeking to bring new awareness to that which we may have been unwilling to see before so that we may uncover, release, heal and move forward.

With the Winter initiations, we align with, and are guided and supported by, the energies of Nature. We connect with these energies by going deeply inward to the dark and the quiet of the Creative Void. When we go inward, our soul and heart takes a collective inhale, we rest, we conserve our energy, meditate, dream, pray and seek out quiet nourishment to replenish our stores of energy.

With Winter’s Dark Magic:

  • We bring to our conscious awareness to root of our struggles and wounds.

  • We lessen the power of the unknown by articulating our story to begin to untangle and release stagnant and dysfunctional energies within us.

  • We bring ourselves to the power and freedom of choice.

  • We align with Natural energies and forces within us and surrounding us, touching the deep mysteries of the Sacred Feminine and of womanhood.

For Winter Initiations you may:  

  • Take a night walk, listening to the sounds of the dark, both within and without.

  • Create a physical representation of your old stories and create and perform a ritual releasing this energy from you and your life.

  • Spend a day in silence, nurturing and nourishing yourself well, reflecting and dreaming, allowing the your voice of wisdom to be heard.

  • Create a Ritual or another Rite with your Guardian that best supports you and your personal journey.

How Winter Initiations Work:

  • We will have six - 90 minute intuitive sessions in which we uncover what is happening for you and what rites, rituals, practices and foods are most supportive at this time. We will dive into your experiences to uncover insights, wisdom and guidance for the next steps.

  • These sessions may run over time a little bit, so it’s good to plan accordingly, giving yourself a few hours for our session and ample time for you to incorporate what you have experienced and received.

  • During these initiations, you will be supporting yourself with a variety of sacred readings, practices, experiences with nature, magical foods and archetypes to assist you in unfolding your evolutionary steps during this time.

  • We will have contact through email between sessions.

    Winter Initiations- $550