Seasonal Rites of Passage- Summer

During a Summer Seasonal Rite of Passage, you find your voice to speak for the continued survival of your self, your family, community, as well as future generations and the health and well being of our planet. With your reclaimed sense of Integrity and Sovereignty, you stand ready to grow and cultivate your Magical Self. With integration you will have an abundance of reserves to see you through, tap into the strength to step again and again into the dark now that you have released the bindings of that which has held you back. You are ready to gather your tools, potions and magical ways and continue the work of unfolding and evolving your self in service to yourself, your family and friends and the creation of the world.

The energy of the Summer is the outer expression of our inner Power and Movement. Drawing upwards the internal fire you built, stored and nourished during the dark half of the year, you now see it spill forth out into the world in your unique way, an expression of your magic, your gifts.

We move, we dance, we garden, we gather and recreate in the summer. We reap the bounty of our efforts, sharing with our community the fruits of our labors while keeping some in reserve for the upcoming Fall and Winter. For the conscious journeyer, this Summer season brings our work full circle, as the emerging authentic self settles, roots into its home and cultivates the strength for the journeys to come. It is a time of celebrating the fullness of this emerging self.

With Summer’s Magic:

  • We celebrate the authentic self that has emerged and found its home.

  • We bring our hopes and dreams into reality.

  • We harvest the fruits and receive the gifts of our Journey from Dark to Light and back to Dark again.

  • We speak with the voice and power of our Soul.

  • We stand in Integrity and Sovereignty.

  • We honor our magic, our strength, our vulnerability and gather the reserves we need to sustain us through another turn of the Wheel


With Summer’s Initiations, you may:

*Create a council of sacred advisors to support your stepping fully into your authentic, sovereign self.

*Create a Woman’s Altar to honor you Who you are now and your emerging aspects.

*Create an ‘I did it’ poster, work of art or story, to name and honor the sacred work you have done, the gifts you have uncovered within yourself.

*Work with any other Rites or Rituals that best support you and your unique journey.

How Summer Initiations work:

  • Summer Initiatory Journeys are approximately three months

  • Seasonal Initiations are available for both those local to me and those accessible via phone and email.

For Local and Long Distance Clients:

  • We will have six - 90 minute intuitive sessions in which we uncover what is happening for you and what rites, rituals, practices and foods are most supportive at this time. We will dive into your experiences to uncover insights, wisdom and guidance for the next steps.

  • These sessions may run over time a little bit, so it’s good to plan accordingly, giving yourself a few hours for our session and ample time for you to incorporate what you have experienced and received.

  • During these initiations, you will be supporting yourself with a variety of sacred readings, practices, experiences with nature, magical foods and archetypes to assist you in unfolding your evolutionary steps during this time.

  • We will have contact through email between sessions.

Summer Initiations- $550