Seasonal Rite of Passage- Fall

By aligning with the dynamics of the seasons, you harvest the lessons within the chapters of your life. Identify what habits, ways of being are no longer needed or wanted. Prepare for a time of regeneration and dreaming what is to come. We gather around each other as the darkness grows and the Otherworld grows near. We gather around fires, hearths and kitchen tables, reflecting on the gifts and lessons of the year and dreaming of the coming year. We come together in community, with family and friends, sharing the last of spring and summer’s bounty and building support for the harsh months to come. Fall is a time for stories of gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, of grand Fools on grand adventures.

In this time of year, just as Earth herself begins to pull inward, we pull inwards as well, towards our own darkness and take stock of where we are and uncover what is to be released.  During these Initiations, working with a guide, we take stock of where we have been, what is working and what is not. Where we want to go in the coming cycle and what will support that growth and what is no longer helping us.  We are traveling within the liminal world, aware that one cycle is drawing to a close while another is preparing to be reborn. We walk into the darkness with our strengths and our dreams, supported by the way shower, seeing habits and ways of being that hold us back, finding that balance within us that supports us in creating and building a sustainable and thriving life.

The seasons of the year guide and walk us through the natural cycle of birth, growth, decline and death and again to rebirth. As Fall approaches and descends, the Earth begins to inhale, pulling her energy back into herself.


Fall’s Magic:

  • What do we need to clean up? What debris is around us that needs clearing away?

  • What outward projects need to be drawn to a close so that we may prepare for the inward contraction of winter?

  • Do we have what we need to make it through to be sustainable and reach the new beginning that is coming?

  • What are the ways that we nourish ourselves, our spirits as darkness gathers around us?

  • In letting go, what are we seeking? What are we drawing to us?

For your Fall initiations you may:

  • Take a Day Walk- spend time alone in an attractive place in Nature, from dawn to dusk, opening yourself to all of your senses to hear and receive the wisdom of your own heart and the voice of Nature. Walk, dream, explore and nest. This is a time of nurturing the soul of you, not a endurance test of will.

  • Dream Your Life- Take a day or two in a Natural Place to swirl and float in the liminal energy of Autumn. Spend 24-48 hours by yourself and dream your next cycle life into being. Give over to the elements of this journey and move deeply into the Mystery of yourself and what you are bringing into the world.

  • Spend a day in the Kitchen- Spend a day alone in your kitchen, at your hearth stirring the cauldron, cutting, preparing, cooking and storing a harvest, writing down recipes of what you create. Whenever you work with fresh foods, there is compost created. Give yourself over to this process as metaphorical journey for your own life, seeing what is ready for storage, worthy of keeping, and what is given to back to the land for compost and regeneration.

  • Design and perform a Your Authentic Life Ritual-  See your life with clarity and discernment, what is working and what is not working in your life. What needs to be released and what invited in.

  • Any other personal Rites and Rituals that support you in during these initiations.

How Fall initiations Work:

  • Fall Initiatory Journeys last approximately three months.

  • Seasonal Initiations are available for both those local to me and those accessible via phone and email.

For Local and Long Distance Clients:

  • We will have six - 90 minute intuitive sessions in which we uncover what is happening for you and what rites, rituals, practices and foods are most supportive at this time. We will dive into your experiences to uncover insights, wisdom and guidance for the next steps.

  • These sessions may run over time a little bit, so it’s good to plan accordingly, giving yourself a few hours for our session and ample time for you to incorporate what you have experienced and received.

  • During these initiations, you will be supporting yourself with a variety of sacred readings, practices, experiences with nature, magical foods and archetypes to assist you in unfolding your evolutionary steps during this time.

  • We will have contact through email between sessions.

Fall Initiations- $550

Just give me this:

A rinsing out, a cleansing free

Of all my smaller strivings


So I can be the class act God intended,

True to my purpose,

All my energy aligned behind my deepest intention.

And just this:

A quieting down,

A clearing away of internal ruckus,

So I can hear the huge stillness in my heart

And feel

How I pulse with all creation,

Part and parcel of Your great singing ocean.

And this too:

A willingness to notice and forgive the myriad times

I fall short,

Forgetting who I am,

What I really belong to.

So I can start over,

Fresh and clean,

Like sweet sheets billowing in the summer sun,

My heart pierced with gratitude.

~  Belleruth Naparstek