In what ways might your life be different if time were a spiral rather than a straight line?

Everything in creation is pulsating in the rhythm between expansion and contraction. Women live this rhythm and are deeply immersed within it on daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and yearly cycles.

Each New Moon, we enter a new cycle nestled within the seasons and the wheel of the Year. Coming together in Sacred Woman’s Ritual and Red Tent Circles, we attune ourselves to the energies of the Earth and Moon, giving generously and receiving humbly the wisdom of each other and our own hearts.  These Rituals and Circles provide a safe and sacred place for women to just Be. It is a place where women’s blood cycles and her own personal journey through womanhood is recognized and honored.


Summer New Moon Rituals and Red Tent Circles

Honor Your Magic-Embody Growth and Vitality- Witness your Longings Articulated


FAll New moon Red tent circles

The Height of Magic and Power- Let your Color and Vitality Shine!

Approximate dates for the Fall Circles- dates will be confirmed by August.

September 27th

October 25th

November 22nd


Through each year of our lives, we grow and evolve, learning and unfolding more fully into ourselves, creating the life we desire. Through the seasons of the year we spiral through birth, growth, harvest, decline, death and regeneration. 

In these circles, we are bringing to manifestation aspects of a culture that honor the cycles and rhythms of women. These ways are natural and intrinsic in women but have have been hidden and invisible for a long time.  With a collaborative spirit, we strengthen ourselves and each other, we offer support and courage as we all work to create thriving and flourishing lives for ourselves, our children, families, friends and communities. 

Here you have the opportunity to Be at home with yourself as a woman. To remember and check in with who you are deep inside, turning off all other identities and roles that you hold and stepping into the temple of your own heart and soul. Each Season we will gather and spiral into the energies through time spent in Nature, guided meditation and sacred nourishing foods and crafts and learning ways to bring the dynamics of the Sacred Feminine meaningfully into our lives.