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Sacred Mentoring

Sacred mentoring with 13 Spirals Mystery School is part life coaching, part psycho-spiritual guidance, part rite of passage, part personal process to bring integration and evolution utilizing many methods, techniques, and approaches.

This work is for those who hear the call for growth in their lives:

  • Mothers who seek guidance and clarity on next steps in their life path and direction as they emerge from the surreal reality of early motherhood. This applies to all kinds of mothering; children, pets, businesses, and other creative endeavors.

  • The woman who has experienced great change or loss in her life that arrives in many forms and wants to step into her power for this next chapter of her journey.

  • The woman who hears the call for growth over and over and yet feels scared and worried about rocking the boat. She knows deep inside that it’s time to claim her personal magic and create a life of authenticity. She also knows that gathering allies and helpers is courageous.

  • Successful women in their careers who want to bring the ways of the Sacred Feminine deeply into their lives, rippling out into their personal relationships, families and communities. This powerful work brings the opportunity for change to the current work they are engaged with.

The mystery of being. You as woman carry within your heart and body the secret of how multiplicity comes from oneness. You just know. By engaging with the 13 sacred feminine archetypes, sacred councils, sacred trees and plants, you can become more aware of your multidimensional aspects. Within 13 Spirals Mystery School, there are 13 sacred feminine archetypes that are fluid, dynamic and embody feminine energies.

You work with the sacred trees as a spiritual tool and practice. Trees connect the earth and sky with their roots and crown, mirroring above and below, within and without. They hold the spiraling, ever evolving dynamic of Nature, the energy of the seed opening and unfolding, developing and unfolding the power within. In 13 Spirals Mystery School, you work with the trees from a feminist, post-patriarchy viewpoint.  You engage with the trees as manifestations of the Goddess offering spiritual nourishment and a path for your soul work. 

Ancient cultures knew of the power and sacred nature of trees.  In working with the trees, you connect with your lineages and ancestors by learning the myths and stories associated with the trees. The spirit of the tree often takes the form of dyad or fairy, a being that you can sense and perceive as having aspects that mirror the human experience. Each lunar cycle you connect with the Tree Ogham, or Tree Mother, to develop a relationship with the trees both physically and energetically to bring forward and weave together ancient nourishment and the energetics of Nature. From here, you unfold and evolve yourself and create a thriving and flourishing life for yourself, your family and your community.

You can unfold and bring forth the lineages of the Sacred Feminine that are answers to the hungers of this time. Working with Nature and these sacred feminine tools give rise and support your sacred responsibility of birthing the divine here on Earth at this time; this is what you were born to do. Travel to the oracle within, enter the Sacred Mystery, and return with knowledge that is needed to create a vibrant and sustainable life, family, community and world.


Women cycle through the seasons of the year each month through their own natural cycle. We nest our work within your own personal cycle as well as the larger seasons of the year dynamics.

The work can be done in person or via phone or video.

  • I offer Sacred mentoring Work- over two 90 minute sessions.

    • The first session we meet and discuss what is happening for you, what seasonal energies are present and what allies are showing up for assistance.

    • Between the first and second session, you will do some solitary work with the ally, possibly including, but not limited to sacred readings, tarot and oracle card work and journaling.

    • In the second session, we will debrief what has arisen for you in your preparation work and move into a shamanic journey with your ally. During this session, there will be time to debrief and integrate what has been revealed.

    • We will continue your integration, incorporating other tools and techniques as needed via email for two weeks after a session.

    • Sessions can be conducted in person or over the phone. Sessions can be shorter or longer than 90 minutes so it is best to give yourself some open space after a session.

      Investment: $199

The spiritual potential of a woman lies in part in the transformation of attachments to relationships of love and service. If we let our attachments awaken us to the truer need, the need for guidance and live directly from source, then ordinary moments are opportunities for grace and love to come into the world. This is how our limitations allow for the limitless to manifest into the world/ this is Service. Our need draws this higher love into our lives. This source, this higher love is within us.
— Angela Fischer