art by reydoon Rassouli

art by reydoon Rassouli

Rites of Passage

Have you been hearing the call?

.....A whisper of your Name on the Wind... 

Rites of Passage mark the transition from one way of being in the world to another, creating the space to bring forth spiritual and psychological evolution and transformation. A Woman’s Rite of Passage, nestled within the dynamics of the Sacred Feminine, is a spiritual, multidimensional journey to draw her awareness deeply into her creative force so that she may claim her place in the world as a dynamic, generative, glowing and vital presence within her own life and that of her family and community.

The Sacred Feminine is the part of us that is wild and untamed like the sea, quiet as a forest at just before dawn, powerful and cleansing like a summer storm. It lives deep within us, connecting us with the tides of the ocean, rhythms and cycles of the moon and swell and retreat of the seasons as we travel the wheel of the year. In this Natural Place, time is less a linear progression and more the unfolding of a spiral, circling and expanding, unfolding and evolving. The source of life, the force of creation and continuation.

Each Rite of Passage is unique, but follows a similar framework and is held within the dynamics of the season. Throughout history, cultures and societies around the world have Rites of Passage to prepare a woman to survive in a male dominated world. In our turbulent and changing times, there is a need for Rituals and Rites of Passage for women to know themselves as the tremendous forces of sustenance and change that they are. The soil from which the rites of passage grow are nourished with magical food and sacred feminine tools and practices to create a robust container for transformation and change. In caring for the physical, emotional and psychological bodies, the entire system is front loaded with nourishment and information to assimilate and integrate these changes into a woman’s daily life, translating into greater health, vitality, prosperity and well being for herself, her children, her relationships and her community.

Sacred rites of passage that I offer facilitate:

  • The reconnection of a woman to her authentic heart and soul and her ability to BE and from that place of being, gaining clarity around what work is an expression of her Doing her Being.

  • They assist her in deciphering for herself what guidance her life and experience are offering her, seeking the wisdom that she has access to as a piece of the whole web of life.

  • The sacred rites of passage that align us with the seasons provide a steady and deep foundation for a woman to come to know her True Nature, her cycles and rhythms and be supported by Mother Earth in her evolution and growth.

What is needed are activities which help women lay to rest old rituals of passage which prepared them to fit into male dominated societies and to discover new forms of initiation which prepare them for life in these rising times.
— Adapted from Karen Vogel and the Motherpeace Tarot


Seasonal Initiations

The Wheel of the year is embedded on a smaller scale within the moon cycles and further supports our alignment with Sacred Feminine lineages and wisdoms. The wisdom that is available within the sanctuary of our hearts always connected with the Web of Life. Reconnecting with Nature, following the guidance of your longings and feelings, nestled within a women's world where the sacred is interwoven with everyday acts of beauty and service. These are all pathways to the Sacred Feminine pulsing within you.

The new consciousness includes a more spiritual relationship with matter and a more physical relationship to spirituality because it is a consciousness of oneness.
— Hilary Hart