Kitchen Witch Summer Workshop

Kitchen Witch Summer Workshop

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Kitchen Witch Summer workshop- Cultivating and growing aromatic herbs for food and medicine. 

July 20th 1-4pm

Blissful Heart

Come get your hands dirty, your heart open and your soul nourished!

Gather with other women and the plant spirits for this Kitchen Witch Summer Workshop.

We will learn and share about the aromatic herbs, their uses throughout the ages and about the healing properties and energetics of the herbs. You will be guided through a Shamanic journey where you will connect multidimensionally with the spirits of the plants, receiving their medicine and healing gifts. You will work get your hands in soil, in the Earth, to plant and tend your herbs.

Together, we will explore and collaborate ideas for incorporating them into your cooking.

At the end, you will have received and been nourished by the healing medicine of the plants, leave with a lovely planter of aromatic herbs, and recipes and ideas for incorporating the herbs into your cooking and daily use.