To begin a journey into the world of Magical Cooking, of magical culinary herbalism,

you are saying yes to the call that asks you to break out of the mold that dictates what food is, what should be eaten at certain times and that only certain things can be labeled ‘food’. The next step is that you begin to see food and herbs as medicine, as ways to add nourishment and healing properties to your diet. These steps expand the relationship with food and herbs in serious ways.

Magical Cooking plays an essential, foundational role in our evolution. If we are engaged actively in spiritual transformation, energetic upleveling, emotional healing and playing hard, our bodies must be nourished and tended in order to handle these new habits, knowledge and frequencies.

Diet is the most important thing a person can do over the course of their lifetime to increase their health, longevity and quality of life. We do not see many examples of this ‘long, happy, and healthy life’ in our culture of chronic illness and decreased health as we age.  Other cultures, the Okinawa, the Maasai, and others, pass the wisdom of healing foods from generation to generation, they discuss the ways that diet shifts and changes with the seasons.

Currently, as a whole, American culture has lost much of the traditional wisdom of our great - great grandmothers. Through the journey of Magical Cooking, this wisdom can be reclaimed in our lives carrying with it the communication our cells, genes, and bodies and spirits need for optimum wellness.

If you find yourself in this place, at this time, you are ready to answer the call echoing from your soul, calling you forward. Explore the following offerings on the journey of Magical Cooking and take the next step:

Magical Cooking - Working with Sacred Food and Herbs

With this pathway, we work together one or more times to ground within the energetics of the Season; to integrate the nourishment of the season into your kitchen and life. This work may include but not limited to: intuitive guidance, recipes, and explorations to nourish you, bringing you greater health, well being and vitality. The intention behind these sessions is to empower and energize you to bring more fresh, nutritious foods into your diet, communicating with your body via food that the world around you is nourishing, safe and sustainable. If you have been seeking ways to eat out less, cut out processed foods and cook more, feel vibrant and alive, and be more connected with the land where you live, the land that sustains you and feel that some help and guidance are needed, contact me and take the next step.

Here’s how it works:

  • We will meet for a 90 minute session and stay connected for two weeks after via email.

  • During these intuitive and heartfelt sessions, we will uncover what is happening for you, what has drawn you here to this journey.

  • You may receive recipes, meal plans or other structures to guide your unfolding Magical Cooking world and bring this way of being to your family and community.

  • We will dive into the energetics of the seasons and healing foods with ritual, journeys, and altar work to support what it is that is seeking manifestation in your life.

  • I am your guide, your midwife, in this journey, walking compassionately alongside you as you discover, reveal and integrate your wisdom, insights and guidance.

1 session - $95

2 or more sessions @ $85 each

4 sessions - $300


Magical cooking is a manifestation of Hygge - the beauty of coziness and feeling being held and supported by life. It plays a role in restoring the sense of beauty in our lives and restoring the ways that our ordinary immanent lives are sacred. With magical cooking, we experience the beauty of creation and ourselves as creators when we provide nourishment for ourselves and families.  Women are often encouraged to take up less space while fitting into society's ever-shifting rules defining beauty. Again we see a dynamic in which something outside of us is calling the shots and demanding obedience and adherence in order to achieve a successful life. This Sacred Work heals our relationship with food, a relationship that has become one of conflict in this patriarchal culture of domination.

It’s not just that women are attached to the tending to and creation of magical healing food, but also that the magical healing food is attached to us. Food needs women, life needs women, because we know about creation of magic and we participate in creation of magical food and all other forms of creation. Incorporating healing foods into our diet is a conscious way to bring powerful healing habits into our lives.

Habits, by definition, are ways of being that become ingrained in our lives, and we all know that habits are hard to break. When we are on the journey of Magical Cooking, responding to the longing within us for greater vitality, health and well being, we want to create the habit that every meal, every snack, is an opportunity to bring healing into our lives and the lives of our families.

How we interact with our food can be detrimental to our health or it can be the most basic building block of our health and well being as it’s something we do three times a day.

Cooking is the best thing you can do for your health and your budget
— Dr. Mark Hyman

Kitchen Witch Wise Woman Journey

This 13 month journey takes the journeyer far, deep and wide into herself, transforming her body and her life through the engagement and relationships with food. Rooting in our foundations, rhythms and cycles as Women, we will explore and integrate Magical Cooking, Harvest festival days, Goddesses of the season and much more into your sacred and mundane life.

Seasonal Energetics:

In Spring

Liminal times like this remind me of tempering eggs; adding a little bit of a hot substance to eggs slowly so they do not curdle. At this time of year, we begin to slowly, often with two steps forward and one step back, transition our eating patterns from the comforting winter foods; high protein, high fat when it’s cold and blustery to eating lighter, cleansing foods when it’s warm and more spring-like.

In Summer

We harvest our and eat from the bounty of our gardens, farmers markets and friends and family. We increase our intake of fresh veggies and luscious ripe fruits. We have explore bread baking with new crops of wheat and grains. We move, we dance, we garden, we gather and recreate in the summer. We reap the bounty of our efforts, sharing with our community the fruits of our labors while keeping some in reserve for the upcoming Fall and Winter.


In Fall

We begin to descend into the dark half of the year, last harvests are done, and we put away what we can to preserve our reserves for Winter. Our bodies begin to want more hearty, warm foods to balance out the cooler Fall temperatures. We seek to balance out the dryness of fall with increased warm oily and moist foods. We increase our fat and protein intake. We boost our immunity and incorporate stress relieving practices.

In Winter

We are drawn inwards, wanting more sleep and hibernation. We nourish ourselves with heavier warm, moist meals, with more protein and fat to sustain us through the harsh cold, wind and increasing darkness. We upgrade our sleep practices and restorative habits.