Kitchen Witch Wise Woman Journey

Sacred and whole food holds the resonant energy of Nature, and through this portal, we can reclaim our innate Nutritional Wisdom.  

You have so many senses and perceptions available to you always.  What if...Your quest was relearning with curiosity and wonder what is possible? 

This is a way we are of service in small and big ways. The work that I do with food is a way I am of service to myself, how I take exquisite care of myself and others. Fill your own well before that of others. As you grow, see how others around you grow, how your unfolding helps others, in small and impactful ways.

This is a Sacred Feminine dynamic that is buried beneath patriarchal beliefs of selflessness, especially in women, that we must give all to our families and communities, often to our own detriment. This steals and weakens our power.
— Annie Alcorn

The Kitchen Witch Wise Woman Journey connects you with the Kitchen Witch and Wise Woman within you. She is ready and willing to bring you through the portals to the Mysteries, to the multidimensional, multi-sensory worlds opening up within you. 

In this year long path of study:

  • You will delve into the Shamanic and Witchy worlds of Magical Cooking and Sacred Food.

  • Explore seasonally aligned foods and energetics

  • Celebrate the 8 great harvest festivals and learn about Goddesses of each season.

  • Deepen your relationship with the energetics of the Natural World and Magical Cooking.

  • Each month you will spend time in a safe places; your kitchen and various markets connecting with your Food Allies.  You will then spend some time to debrief and begin the integration of your experiences into your life. 

  • Along this pathway, Seasonal Energetics, Foods and your awakening Nutritional Wisdom will support you and tension will be released, opening up space for the creation of a thriving, flourishing life.  

How The Kitchen Witch Wise Woman Journey Works:

*The Kitchen Witch Wise Woman Journey is a year long guided exploration led by your attractions and longings and with me as Guide.

*You will receive a PDF Journey each month to explore and see where it takes you.

*Each month you will meet with me over the phone to discuss and debrief your experiences. 


One time payment of $2695


Monthly, automated payments of $215 a month.