The Wheel of the Year contains 13 Spirals that are a doorway into the Sacred Mystery, the Divine, into yourself. 


Connect your spiritual, emotional and physical lives to the 13 spiraling lunar energies of the Wheel of the Year and the Web of Life. This process will help you unfold your True Self, your unique Magic and Soul’s purpose to create a life your heart desires. 


What is 13 Spirals Mystery School?

A temple of the Sacred Feminine- a safe and nurturing place to explore- into the moon, the seasons, our sacred plants and sacred feminine archetypal energies that support your ongoing unfolding and evolution as an insightful, strong and sovereign woman.


Rituals/Sacred Rites Moon Cycles Sacred Trees Sacred Feminine Archetypes Harvest and Holy Days Sacred Plants and Food

13 Spirals Mystery School Pathways


The 13 Spirals monthly guidebook

A monthly subscription program and Membership within the 13 Spirals Mystery School Sisterhood for any woman who wants to create a thriving and flourishing life. The guidebook provides information on the lunar cycle, the season, with practices, rituals, soul work and recipes to attune to the dynamic 13 spiraling energies of the Wheel of the Year.


The Wise Woman Wortcunner Journey

A Journey over 13 lunar cycles, for those attracted to unfolding their multidimensional selves with the plants and shamanic herbalism. This is also the first (dedicant) cycle of the Priestess Training.


Shaman Witch Priestess Training

A Priestess Path for those who hear the call to unfold themselves as Shaman Witch Priestess in answer to the hungers of this time.


Awaken your multidimensional nature through engagement with Nature, Plants and your experiences within the Wheel of the Year.

Weave together the sacred and the everyday. This means including your family, friends, partner and kids in your spiritual life with recipes, accessible practices, celebrations and more.


I am A shaman witch priestess at your service

I am here to support the ongoing evolution of life as it moves towards greater resiliency, coherence and the truth of oneness. I want to be your guide and midwife as you bring forth your sovereignty, your True Self, supported by the Web of Life all around you. This journey helps you can create a thriving and flourishing life for yourself, with service to others. In this way, we support the rising tide of the Sacred Feminine within the world.