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Inner Fall with Our Allies

In the waning light of the moon, we reconcile and integrate that which was stirred up by the Full Moon, giving name to what is seeking fulfillment, looking at the memories, traumas and emotions that flared up to be seen, their messages received. 


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Rooting into Our Natural Cycles

We are being asked to circle back, spiral back in, ‘listen to the wisdom of your own heart first. Respect the whispers of your heart, that is the only way that others will as well’. This is a lineage of the feminine I am resurrecting and bringing forth with the archetype of the warrior and guardian. This ancient practice of the warrior, to cycle through the wheel of the year each month, to tap into wisdoms and clear paths for seeing in dreams and visions to return to normal life with strategies and plans for better thrive and flourish as a woman, as a community and beyond.

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