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Lunar Wisdom: The Energies and Dynamics of Oak

Closing my eyes, I settle into the safety of my own energy field, heart breathing and connecting with the energy of the Sacred Oak Tree. When I look with my magical eye at the Oak in spring, I am filled with this rising sense of anticipation; movement up and out. Rhythmically, like waves pulsing up from the roots and into the trunk, the next wave reaching higher than the last. The tide coming in. The buds at the tips of the branches beginning to swell. Not rushing, but moving forward even so.

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The Hawthorn New Moon ~ An Inward Journey to the Heart

Along the wheel of the year, Spring is drawing to a close, giving way to Summer. Often at this time of year we feel the urge to rush forward, to do many things at once. Hawthorn gently catches us with thorns hidden amongst her soft green leaves and perfumed blossoms. We are enticed by her strong scent as we feel her request that we spend some time cleaning the temple of the self during this transition. Now is the time to retreat from the bustling world for some quiet moments, to gradually strengthen our minds and bodies through meditation and exercise.  

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