Weave Your Web- Prayers of Gratitude and Abundance

Hello Loves,

What is happening for you as we move steadily deeper in Fall? In what ways are you mirroring Nature’s activities; are you retreating inward, bringing projects to completion, perhaps spreading seeds to insure another year of growth?

By aligning with nature’s seasonal cycles, we place ourselves within a framework that supports our own growth and unfolding. At this time, you walk in the liminal places, where the veils are thin and there are transitions afoot. You also turn inward to take stock and begin to identify what you need and what is no longer serving you. It is time to seek clarity, balance and wisdom for your next evolutionary steps.

Are you weaving your dreams and longings into reality? Are you clinging to an old story, beliefs or thoughts that are keeping you stuck?

I dreamt of scarcity Friday night, of not having what I need to make it through. I woke up wondering about this myth of scarcity that pulls at me, that pulls at us all.  When I cast out my senses the message I received was to connect with Nature’s coherent energy. This is the field of abundance that we, as a part of Nature, are inherently a part of. A path for that exploration are prayers of gratitude and appreciation. 

Through some waking explorations this weekend I came across a video clip of an interview with Fred Rogers shared by soul rocker, Michael Franti, that highlighted within me the connection between the field of abundance and the cultivation of silence and wonder as a healing balm and balance to the information laden and noisy world today. Then, I saw an Instagram post by Elizabeth Gilbert in which she shared about a practice she just did in cultivating gratitude in her life.

I put both of these in my cauldron, stirred it up with my Shaman Witch Priestess magic, weaving and mixing in the energies of Ivy and the spider and what emerged was this spiraling journey inward- a fun project that also taps into the creative energies of the waxing moon. 

I felt wonder and curiosity as I drew and explored my way through this project, spiraling back to copy lines in marker as I worked, having fun with color, just choosing and not pondering too long. 

I loved expressing my appreciation and gratitude with the different categories and the way the space between the categories highlighted the innate interconnection. I wove in my gratitude, prayers and intentions, writing them in present tense; some already happening, some still in dream form. I created a field of possibilities where abundance, resiliency and prosperity are all possible. From the field of abundance and gratitude that I have created I also wove in my intentions. I will identify specific outcomes that create pathways for the field to manifest in my life. 


From these statements and expressions, I see next steps and nourishing routines and habits to create my life in alignment with this field of possibility that I have woven. 

Whether it is weaving a web of gratitude or something else, explore how the act of doing something physical begins to bring your prayers and longings to the conscious world of creation.  

The invitation is to pray, visualize, meditate (however this makes sense to you), and surround yourself with and embody the feeling of your wish and desire coming to fruition. Whether it is world peace, ecological regeneration, social justice, a deep and meaningful relationship, a new job, or something else, spend some time feeling of how it will feel in the reality of that desire being true. 

Here’s what you need-

a piece of paper-

a pencil or pen(I used pencil)

colored pencils, markers, crayons


Here's what you do- Find a place outside in Nature if possible, a spot where you can hear the sounds of nature, see some nature. Even if it’s one plant or hearing one bird mixed in with other sounds of the city, etc. 

Do some heart breathing, settling yourself within your own energy field. Ask for and listen for permission from this natural place to do this sacred work.

  • On your paper, draw a small circle -your central point- this is you- perhaps you are drawn to draw yourself as a figure- human, bird, dragon, goddess, the possibilities are endless. 

  • Create lines radiating from the central point- straight, squiggly, wavy

  • Label the outward lines these aspects of your life-SPIRIT, BODY, HOME, FAMILY, WORK, COMMUNITY

  • Draw a spiral beginning with yourself- your central point. As you expand the spiral outwards, you are making your own web. 

  • Fill the spaces created by the web with past present and future appreciations and expressions of gratitude. I wrote in the center.. ‘I appreciate…’ and ‘I am thankful for…’ 

Remember the veils are thin between all places and all times, this activity is both a work of art, an exercise in appreciation and an expression of prayer. Pay attention to the feelings, the descriptions. 

If you do this project, I’d love for you to share a picture of it with me. 

Writing for integration and the gathering of wisdom-

Write about your experience, in doing this project. Write a descriptive story of you doing this project.

Work through these debriefing questions to help you bring forth and articulate your experience. 

*What are your thoughts, insights and realizations from this experience? 

*What do you notice about yourself through this work? 

*When you say yes to this field, this web, that you have created, what naturally falls away? 

*What other thoughts and feelings arise within you from this experience during Fall?

*What are some specific outcomes, next steps that arise from this work?

*In what ways do each of your next steps impact other categories as well? 

*What do you need to make it through to the manifestation of all of this? 


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Things to do today: Pick yourself UP, dust yourself off and start over again

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