Lunar Wisdom: The Energetics of our Inner Spring and Celebrating Lammas

During our Inner Spring week, we work with the dynamics of Emergence. We are moving out of the fertile dark void of winter, where our dreams and visions have provided the essential first food to nourish our intentions and the work we want to bring into the world during this cycle and the cycles to come. Now is the time for planning, setting and fully articulating our intentions. 

Our spring week marries beautifully with the energies of the Harvest Festival, Lammas, at this time. 


For our ancestors in Europe, Lammas was the successful harvesting of grain, meat and wood required to endure the harsh winter months meaning that life would continue. A time to celebrate the warm abundant days of Summer while acknowledging that the colder days would come.

Our lives are stable in comparison but this time offers us the opportunity to pause, appreciate and engage with the dynamics of abundance, harvest and plenty that comes to us from our ancestors, the land we live on and the life and community that surrounds us. 

“See and give thanks for the overflowing abundance around you, and begin preparing for the darker days of winter.” - The Tree Mothers 


  • Gather your friends and community together and have a bbq to celebrate and honor local harvests- whether from your own garden or local farms around you. Acknowledging where your food comes from, the abundance around you strengthens the fabric of your community and family.  It is traditional to bake bread from the newly harvested wheat but work with what you have and feel attracted to doing.

  • Plan a day devoted to looking at your financial harvest. What is emerging within you in terms of your own financial sustainability? Recognize (Harvest) and Evaluate how far you’ve come in terms of education, training and achieving your goals. Invite in the dynamics of abundance here with your focus on honoring your efforts and Identify where you may need to plant some seeds for changes you would like to make in the future. 

  • Construct an altar, inside or outside, that reflects the dynamics of Spring and the Celebration of Lammas. Invoke the Goddess of Abundance, Habondia, Demeter, the All- Abundant Mother, overflowing with nature’s bounty. Weave in the colors of the harvest, with wildflowers, fruits and vegetables and the evergreen, ever-fertile, ever green spears of Holly.  Traditional colors are yellow, orange, brown and yellow, but connect with what’s around you, what you feel drawn to and love.

  • A Lammas craft For Gathering In Abundance- making a besom/hand broom- The besom/broom is a potent symbol of hearth and home, found in some form in almost every household. It is a traditional magical tool useful for everyday charms as it has the imprint of its owner firmly on it. The broom, is of course, a symbol of the witch, and its power to transform energy on subtle levels is potent and not to be underestimated.

    You will need:



    A piece of green ribbon (for abundance), a piece of gold ribbon (for prosperity and gathering) or ribbon in Lammas harvest colors would be equally suitable.

    A Spring of Mint.

    Ideally a sprig of mint from your garden (but you can get this from any supermarket), or dried mint - put it in a pouch. The mint represents abundance and plenty and is easily accessible.

  • Set your intention for Lammas, grounded within the energetic of Abundance and what that looks like for you, focusing on the feelings of abundance, or what life feels like with abundance and plenty as a core belief. “Thank you for the lammas gifts of....Blessings on the abundance that is my constant companion.”

    Aligned with your intention, take your twigs and tie them together at the top with the ribbon. Tie in your sprig of mint or securely fasten your pouch. Take your broom outside, place both hands on the stave and focus on your intention - Drawing abundance to you and gathering in your harvest for winter. Turn slowly three times in a clockwise direction then start to sweep towards your door speaking your intention and prayer, it’s okay if it’s not polished and smooth, it’s your heart, your feelings that carry the energy.

    Repeat this three times, then take your besom back into your house and place it where you consider the heart of your home to be. The mint can be returned to the earth with thanks.

    If you do not have an outside space you can sweep from your front door inwards to either your kitchen or hearth using the same charm/intention/prayer.

    *Adapted from the charm shared at the

Lammas brings our attention to the Abundance of Summer and nesting our Spring energies here adds a vibrancy and power to the acts of setting intentions, planning the next week, month and months and years bringing forth great momentum, power and manifestation of the life you most desire. 

What have you cultivated and brought to manifestation so far this year? 

It’s time to sow seeds for the second half of the year, plant your fall and winter garden, what will you plant? Metaphorically and literally…What do you long to bring into your life? 

I’d love to hear about your experience and celebration of Lammas!