Inner Fall with Our Allies

Be kind to yourself, dear- to our innocent follies.

Forget any sounds or touch you knew that did not help you dance.

You will come to see that all evolves us.

If you put your heart against the earth with me, in serving

every creature, our Beloved will enter you from our sacred realm

and we will be, we will be so happy.


In the waning light of the moon, our own energy waning, we reconcile and integrate that which was stirred up by the Full Moon, giving name to what is seeking fulfillment, looking at the messages embedded within the experiences of the full moon, messages from our True Self- from our courageous heart- the call from within for our evolutionary unfolding. 

These messages are transmitted in ways unique to us, an amalgamation of our memories and experiences, transmitted through our relationships, songs on the radio, books we are reading, dreams, interactions with food allies and while in Nature with Plant friends. 

On the path of our unfolding we gather to us allies and helpers to face and handle obstacles, struggles.  On this path, in almost synchronized timing with the evolutionary step is the arrival of the inner Critic telling us it’s better to stay the same, injecting fear of the unknown and activating our unique dynamic configurations of the collective myths meant to keep us from growth and transformation. 

The Myth of Feminine Inferiority is a myth that is deeply embedded into our masculine centered society, carrying the power of 5,000 years with it- so.. it’s strong. Women tend to be much harsher critics with themselves than with others. If you wrote down what your Inner Critic has said to you, I’m guessing it’s something you would NEVER say to another person, especially someone you love and want to share your life with. 

During the fullness of our Inner Summer, of the Full Moon, our True Self spoke of what needs changing, how our course needs to shift, as we journey towards our intentions, dreams and attractions. We felt invigorated by the next steps that were uncovered.  And then…Inner Fall arrives and with it the doubt, the fear, the criticisms begin- is that even possible? How could you think that would work, that you could do that?  What about your family? Just stick to the old ways, they are familiar and at least you know what to expect. 

When these doubts triumph over the desire for growth and transformation, our descent becomes a circle of repetitive thoughts, patterns and behaviors. By bringing our attention to that which we do want, we begin to spiral, grow and evolve.

During this lunar cycle, within the world of the 13 Spirals Mystery School, we have at least two allies; the Sacred Tree Oak and the feminine archetype of the warrior guardian. Oak assists in discerning old ways and cultivating our resiliency. When we see Oak in the Fall, we notice that while other trees are becoming bare, the Oak leaves persist through the Fall and Winter, to drop in the Spring. Notice how the leaves begin to change, first to a fabulous red color, illustrating the power of change and our ability as creators to change. The leaves persist, now brown and crackly, with patience and slowness for life’s lessons to be absorbed.

Adopt the pace of Nature. Her secret is Patience
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

The feminine archetype of the warrior guards her wellbeing and the wellbeing of her community. She is a master strategist, seeing the greater patterns of what is seen and unseen and acting for the continued health and vitality of self, family and community. She uses her sword of determination, like Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, her intelligence and intuition, to sort out possibilities, identify illusions, and get to the Truth that resides in the heart and soul. 

A lot of attention is given to releasing, to the ritual act of releasing and letting go. Just for now, here’s a slightly different approach to play with.  Instead of bringing your attention to the releasing, the desire to see the inner leaves fall from your oak tree, bring your awareness to the power swelling up from within you- the power that knows, that wields that sword of discernment and determination, embodied in your Lasso of Truth - perhaps this inner place is a calm lake, a rushing river, a bubbling spring, whatever it is, bring your attention to it. See it. Visualize it.  From that place, see with clarity, feel your inner knowing, your sense of discernment- ‘‘I need this in my life but this is no longer necessary’. And then write it down, describe it, give the mind and the Inner Critic the role of translating what you’ve seen and felt into words. 

Bring your attention to the care and restoration of your many bodies and this power within and the ways you strengthen and care for your physical and emotional bodies with love.  You will notice out of the corner of your ‘eye’ that the leaves wither and fade but your attention is elsewhere. 

Sacred acts- 

  • Imagine and see your inner source of power, write about it, draw it, and ask yourself what care it needs. 

  • Sacred Reading- Read a book that challenges and expands your mind- Whether it offers new ideas about your work, personal development or spirituality, exploring new worlds and weaving it into your existing one gives your Inner Critic something to puzzle and plan out. 

  • Continue to work on your “I did it” list- and add to it things about yourself that you value, that have nothing to do with what you ‘do’ but they ways of your ‘being’ness. 

  • Adopt the pace of Nature- Spend some time in Nature, be gentle with yourself during this time and remember you always feel better after a walk or spending time with Nature. Coming into coherence with her relieves anxiety as your heart entrains with the heart of Nature. 

Magical Cooking Recipe

Greek Salad-

This recipe honors the beauty and bounty of the summer season while it tends to our emotional and physical states which can often be a little tender during Inner Fall.

The act of chopping and creating this salad is soothing and meditative, relaxing the mind while the vibrancy of the textures and flavors satisfy and engage the senses. The dressing, made with olive oil, lemons and garlic are medicine for the liver and gallbladder and can help reduce anger and depression while increasing our energy and metabolism. Oregano and basil are anti-inflammatory and raise our spirits while dill aids the digestive fire. 



2 vine ripe tomatoes, diced

4 small pickling cucumbers, diced

¼ red onion, diced

1 red pepper, diced

Bunch of Italian parsley

½ cup kalamata or green olives

Fresh or dried dill

Fresh for dried oregano

Fresh basil

Feta cheese- 

Sea salt and pepper to taste


½ cup cold pressed olive oil

2 lemons or limes, fresh squeezed

1 clove garlic, minced

*Recipe from Dr. Leslie Korn, one of my teachers, an expert on integrative medicine and nutrition for mental health as well as cross cultural psychology and counseling.

Enjoy, May we and all those around us be healthy, wise, happy, prosperous, and well in every way!

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