The Matriarch and Ritualist-she who keeps the shrine of our lives

In Spring, everything is fertile and the energy is to nurture new growth, feed it and begin to wake up from the winter's sleep.  We stretch and move again. Test the water. It is in this phase of the menstrual cycle we will find the energy to begin projects, to develop ideas and plan ahead. The crescent moon above us shows us the way, her light growing each night but still some aspects shrouded in darkness, in mystery.

A guided journey to your inner Matriarch for guidance and healing.

The Matriarch within us tends the shrine, the temple of our lives. The shrine or temple being the container that holds and nurtures our inner world; your body as temple, your life, your work. It is her way to bring forward the energies and Sacred Feminine ways of being- through her strength, compassion, beauty, her creative force. The ways she tends and is tended, grows and is growing, creates and is being created. She weaves in ritual, messages from dreams and visions, guiding us onward. She walks between the worlds, expansive and powerful, filtering out what is compatible with her integrity and what is not and standing against injustice in her life. She is a warrior of Sacred Woman’s Ways, knowing that rest and regeneration are essential for living a thriving and flourishing life.

Let’s connect with her, with the energies of Spring, to integrate the wisdom of the Matriarch, she who keeps the shrine, and do some ritualistic planning!

I love plans, plans provide structure, direction and they are so comforting to the linear mind. We make a plan so that the universe knows where to find us and take us where we are meant to go. Creating a plan is a sacred ritual where you walk between the worlds, and enter the world of possibility with yourself as Creator. 

With this ritual, you will be weaving the sacred and the everyday. 

For this coming week; 

Set up your sacred space. Light a candle or incense, pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Gather your Ritual tools- your planner, colored pencils if you like, and journal. Sit quietly for a few moments, placing your hand on your heart, doing some heart breathing, perhaps reconnecting with your Inner Matriarch that you met in the guided journey.

Sitting down with your calendar, get cozy with your personal cycle- labeling the weeks of spring, summer, fall and winter for the next three months or work with the lunar cycles, marking this week as Spring. Having them marked will help you stay aligned as life begins to move in to fill those weeks up. You can be more intentional about how you plan, use your time and be in your life. 

Schedule time for yourself this week and this month if that feels good. This is part of creating boundaries for your energy to flow within- remember the flowing river from last week and it’s strong banks? Here we are, constructing, and shoring up those river banks.

Put in your times for self care, the activities that are your nourishing routines. This is where you build in time for rest, reading, yoga, exercise classes, time on the couch, time in your hammock, gardening time, art time, your times to Be and Be Nourished and Be Rest. Remember to block out time to do your Lammas Reflections as well. This will be illuminating for you, notice how much you do this already, don’t do it at all or lie somewhere in between. Perhaps this will shift your intention around some of these activities as well. 

If you have trips, pilgrimages, deadlines, and larger than one month timeframes, put them in now. 

The tricky bit for me here was not letting the to-do’s creep in and get placed on the calendar ahead of the nourishing routines and activities. I also noticed that I thought I did a lot for my selfkeeping but it was challenging to put in time just for me. This exercise may challenge your beliefs and illuminate your relationship with your calendar. Do you believe the calendar is only for productivity? 

One thing I noticed was how good it felt to input aspects of my normal routine with the intention and recognition that that they are nourishing routines that are supportive and part of my riverbank. I was honoring them by putting them in the calendar. I had an inner vision of myself getting a little alert on my phone, telling me to turn on some music, do some heart breathing and begin the process of dinner. When I connect with my heart and the truth that, for me, the making of dinner as a nourishing practice rather than burdensome chore, there is space for a lot more joy and creativity to flow in. 

Now, Create a to do list for the week- The Doing of your Being- how will you be bringing forth your unique magic- 

This is where you cast out your senses and follow the energy of your own attractions and unfolding. This can begin as a mental catch all for all that you need to do and want to do. From that huge list, another list of what you feel inspired to do, what you feel most attracted to will emerge.  

For this Spring week, your most aligned actions will be around planning in accordance with your intentions, what is emerging and seeking manifestation. It’s time to plan for the next planting of seeds in your garden and your life-what you learned from your Lammas reflections or planning your Lammas bbq. :) If you haven’t done that yet, you can read about that here.

Create a List what you feel inspired to do this week. 

Each morning or evening, connect with this list and follow the energy within you, guiding you to what you feel most inspired and attracted to doing -and identify one to three things for the day or the next day, if doing it the evening before. If you follow a 24 hour rhythm, this is a great practice to do in the evening as you close up one day and set the energy and intention for the next. 

Here is part of my list:

  • Write my newsletter( if you’re reading this, it’s done, yay!)

  • Complete my monthly studies

  • My Lammas reflections - and the intentions that arise from that work.

  • Plant a fall garden. 

  • Prepare for my new clients 

Create a to-do list for the universe or your Higher Self- 

Here, you put the tasks that need attention but that you aren’t quite attracted to doing, feel some resistance to doing or just aren’t yet clear on. 

  • Work on the chicken coop

  • Send me inspiration and guidance for my ebook and how to share it.

  • Find me an easy, effective and lasting fix for the broken hot water heater. 

In creating this to do list for the Universe, imagine you are handing these tasks over to the most efficient manager, and have great confidence that they will be taken care of. 

As the days and week unfolds, notice and offer appreciation when one of the items from your Higher Self/Universe to do list is accomplished. Your noticing and appreciation acknowledges that manifestation works and you want it to continue! This practice also exercises your ‘noticing’ muscles, increasing your level of presence and conscious awareness. 

I would love to hear how this ritualistic planning goes for you, what was revealed to you? 

*Thanks to Abraham-Hicks for the inspiration and suggestion of the tool/practice- manifestation help from the Universe.