Deep Dive with the Alder Tree Ogham

I notice the healing energy of Alder coming in and with it I sense the strong dynamic of growth, the power of channeled water, the nourishment of powerful water. Alder is strong, rising from water, creating new earth, new creations, rooting into what seems unstable. I also sense the impermanence of life and the call to cherish it. The ridges of the leaves speaking to its strength and multi-faceted nature.

Spiritually, Alder becomes a bridge from one part of our mind to the next, from the underworld to the upper-world of the conscious mind. Our inner self or guide uses this bridge to communicate with us and to provide counsel that we should learn to listen to.- Tree Mothers

This passage calls up within me this clarity of mind I am seeking, to communicate or attune to this inner guide on subtler and subtler levels. The calling of our inner guide, rather than inner critic, this sense of wonder and curiosity, and the need to listen and how this enables us to better hear the voice of the Earth Mother. Many times, when I am walking on the land, I have felt like someone has called my name, I look around and I see no one near who is speaking to me. The voice is a woman and kind. ‘Annie’ she says. I feel seen, cared for and like Earth Mother wants my attention.

What is being called forth in me is this choosing my own voice, the voice of my soul, and how that voice is also a voice for the Earth.  When I make decisions that are in the direction of stewardship for the Earth, syncing myself to the rhythms of nature, I feel strong, powerful and happy.  

With the energy of Alder comes the remembrance of the concept of Pronoia; that the universe is conspiring for you, for your greatest good, and attuning to that sense is good for us, our families and for the Earth unfolding the next evolutionary step for the creation for a thriving and flourishing life that ripples out and gives others the permission to do the same.

My body is healed by flowing grace. I release what has become hardened. This gentle purity fills my body and soul. I feel the blessing of a grace filled life. Affirmation ~ I move forward with ease and grace.”  - Annym Billagh

The line, I release what has become hardened jumps out at me. What is often seeking softening, what has become hardened is has become hardened are the thoughts that have become habitual and ingrained, negative ways of being that may have been needed at one time for self preservation and are not be needed anymore. The hardened seed shell that was once a source of protection must be released in order for the plant to sprout and grow. Reaching towards the sun, reaching deep into the soil with its roots. Picturing the plant slowly, with grace and ease, growing and thriving. I move forward with grace and ease.

A Journey with this image of the seedling and the energy of Alder:

I see myself in my healing cottage. I see the image of the seedling engraved on a doorway in front of me. Looking at it, I feel crisp and clear, a freshness and curiosity. I move towards the door, grasping the crystal doorknob.

I open the door, and fresh, damp spring morning air greets me. I hear the call of red winged blackbirds and I look to the right and see willows and alders around a pond, the blackbirds perched on their budding branches.

I walk over to this area, the sun warm on my skin, I turn my face to it and breath in the nourishment through every cell. There, in front of me, is a soft worn path leading to the edge of the pond, I hear water trickling over rocks from a stream, feeding the pond.


Tucked up against the shore I see a rounded wooden or bamboo chair, like a half open seed or egg or cocoon. I tuck myself into the chair, snuggled into the cushion and allow my eyes to unfocus and slightly close taking in the smells, sounds and feeling of this spring morning.

As the wind begins to shift and gather, I realize the chair is suspended from a thick branch of Alder and it begins to sway slightly with the movement of the wind. I am soothed as thoughts and images begin moving through my awareness, stress and anxiety draining away. I feel my energy body growing like a sprouted seed as I reach for the next step in my life, shifts that are unfolding and allowing myself to fill up the energy I hold- not filling it with other doings, but with my being. I sense this energy of growing with the inhale and then exhaling and taking up space, creating a leaf. Inhaling and expanding, exhaling and settling into that expansion, moving towards the fullness of my evolving.  A sense of grace and ease, laughter and joy.

After a time, I unfurl myself from the chair and stand and stretch. I move down the worn path, through the tall grasses and back towards the door. I move through the door and into my healing cottage and back into this time and place.  

Within the energy of Alder, we find roots that connect us with the story of Kore, the maiden of spring who becomes Persephone when she goes into the underworld. With this story, we experience the full spectrum; the budding, unfolding joy and the renewal of spring and then the withdrawl, the descent within, the dying and withering of life each Fall and Winter. We see how Persephone/Kore likes both her time on Earth and in the Underworld. For me, feeling the energy of Spring gaining strength and presence, and also feeling the need for solitude and quiet. This ebb and flow happens as live out these cycles seasonally as well as in our days and weeks and month. Perhaps second to second!

Alder encourages the acceptance of all parts, all sides of oneself; to see clearly with love and compassion; understanding the aspects of growth and decline and to honor them both. When they arise, we revisit memories that have shaped and influenced our lives, we resolve issues and retrieve the nugget of expanding self awareness; writing the story of our lives. By unlocking memories of past experiences and the hurt within while nurtured by the grounding energies of the Nature, you can move forward with calm, encouraging, and compassionate patience giving rise to consistency and imaginative solutions; opening up the heart, to rekindle passions and longings which guide us towards our next evolutionary step.  


Casting out my senses into the Web of Life, I sense all of these energies moving to, through, and from me. I feel that coming into coherence with the energies has brought me to an upleveling in my understanding of myself and what is unfolding.  Aspects of my wholeness coming into alignment and coherence and I feel very excited about that. I love the sense of order and the mystery it holds.

If this sparks a longing, desire or attraction within you to dive into working with Trees and Nature, reach out and schedule a Divination Session or Shamanic Journey work with me!