A Journey to Hazel and Apple for Wisdom and Healing

I cast out my senses and hear the stirrings of Ancient wisdom, the threads of consciousness and the system of unfolding.  The guidance that comes through Sacred arts and sacred fruit. 

I close my eyes and I am standing outside The garden of my wise woman, the low stone wall, vines climbing over it. The brilliant and warm late summer/ early fall sun casting long shadows in the garden. 

The gate creaks as I open it, the air is so quiet and soft as a soft breeze ruffles some of the dried leaves and the softer rustle of the leaves still green. 

I feel so settled into my awareness, flowing into the garden like the wind, softly and floating. I see in the garden, two large trees anchoring the garden with their majesty. An apple, with her arms wide and broad, outstretched, Heavy with fruit. A little off to the left, an old hazel tree, with its slightly twisted branches, thiCk ridged leaves and smaller leaves protecting its nuts, like fairy beads nestled in magic. 

Apple and hazel ground me in ancient wisdom and remind me of the importance of whimsy and magic. How can I be light hearted as I move into the next season? 

I feel so light hearted and giddy with happiness with hazel, surrounded by fairies with pointy shoes and silly tricks. The structure of hazel is so compelling to me. So much beauty. How can a tree be more beautiful bare? Form can be fun. 

The nuts of the hazel, the sweet crisp nuts, nestled safely until they are plucked and harvested. Each nut shimmers with the colors of a story, a lesson learned through the year. 

I move to Apple, and I feel a definite shift. Comforting, held, mother, earth, dark, deep, nourishing. I want to rest under this ancient tree. The leaves rustle above me, the air crisp and sweet with the scent of the ripening apples, heavy on the branches. I feel some sadness heavy on my heart from this tree.  I feel a longing for those who hear her call to join in circle, that in doing so all hearts are lifted. I see a circle of women appear around me, I cannot see their faces and they are not quite solid. But, with this circle, I feel a lightness, an energy of hope rising from the Earth around me. Each woman strong and sovereign lending her voice and her magic to the whole. 

A new but ancient way guiding the way forward, bringing forth a new story, a story of well being, love and vitality. 

I pause, with my hand on my heart, my energy swirling with a renewed sense of purpose. 

Slowly, I return to the here and now. 

Does this journey spark any thoughts, feelings or inner journeys of your own? 

In what ways are you able to be light hearted as you move into the next season of the year? 

Take a look at the structures and systems in your life…What are their characteristics? Are they fun? Do they hold beauty? Are they rigid and unbending? Do you feel enlivened by them?

Is there any heaviness in your heart? What longing is it carrying?