A Full Moon Ritual with Apple- September 13, 2019

In the Celtic tradition, the Apple is a symbol of the Otherworld. Apple is the Tree that grew abundantly on the magical island set outside of space and time with the healing powers of Nine Women who are aspects of the Goddess- Avalon. It was a land ruled by the Fairy Queen, Morgana and her nine sisters. Avalon is the land where King Arthur was taken to be healed when he was mortally wounded. It is a land of abundance, fertility, providing all that is needed from within its borders.

The cultivation of wild apples (Malus sylvestris) showed up on the scene about about eight-thousand years ago during the time that hunting and gathering tribes became sedentary, making the transition from hunting and gathering to herding and agriculture.

The Apple is symbolic of healing, love, and beauty. It is excellent for detoxification and has long been used for healing as it eliminates toxins on all levels and draws in spiritual energies. Its detoxification energies help us here at this time, culling out toxic stories and energies from our lives. It’s energy of healing, love and beauty support our spiritual awakening and spiritual growth.

What follows is the Full Moon Ritual from this month’s Magical Guidebook:

Create an altar using the correspondences for Apple and guidance from your intuition.

Other Supplies:


sharp knife

Journal or paper pen


candles in red, green, gold

living plant, representing the World Tree, Nature

Creating sacred place.

Appreciating beauty and creating places of beauty is a way that women cultivate the sacred within our everyday lives. It is important for you to create an inviting atmosphere for your ceremonies and rituals. If the space feels inviting to you then the place will feel inviting for the fields of possibility, ancestors and otherworlds.

You will open Sacred Space according to your own Rites and Practice whatever they may be. If you do not have your own Rites and Practice for opening Sacred Space, you may try this-

Clean the room of clutter and tidy the space, fluffing pillows, sweeping the floor and dusting or wiping surfaces clean, lighting incense/smudging the room with sage, open a window slightly and see where these Practices take you. With these practices, you are cleansing any old unwanted energies, preparing the space to be clean, fresh and beautiful, which is welcoming to your Sacred Work

The Ritual:

Light your incense.

Place your hand on your heart and do some heart breathing-

Settle yourself with the safety and fullness of your own energy field.

Now cast the circle:

Place your hands open on your knees or lifted in the air - open your heart to the elements of Sacred Feminine. some of which are the Stone, Earth, Plant Life, Sea, Wind, Moon, Sun, Cloud, Heavens,(Stars) and breathe in the feminine energy of these Elements filling your many dimensional aspects with the power of the Sacred Feminine. As you feel these energies fill you, turn your palms down over the circle filling our circle with these energies.

Imagine and feel roots begin to grow off your feet, from the base of your spine, down through the floor, to the Earth, connecting you to that which you are - nourished by the soil, flowing with and guided by each season and unfolding beautifully alongside plant, animal, spirit.

Now lift up your arms and draw a spiral above three times, and say, “The sky above me”

Next, draw a circle around you, and say, “The sea surrounding me” Then, touch and ground in the earth, and say, “The earth beneath me”

Thus, these Realms make sacred the circle.

The circle is now open, I may now travel safely in all realms and worlds, aware of both within and without.

To begin, take one of your apples and slice it carefully on the horizontal to locate the five pointed star within the Apple.

Place this in front of you. Light your candles.

Allow your eyes to soften as you look upon the 5 pointed star in front of you.

Within the star, bring your imagination and awareness to your strengths and see the beautiful, authentic aspects of yourself that will shine brighter with these toxins released.

With some energies released and your strengths recognized and nurtured, what is possible in your life?

Does your intention remain the same or has it shifted in some way?

What do you want?

What nourishing routines, habits and practices support you in bringing forth the life you desire?

What are you releasing to allow for these new ways to come forth?

It is time to draw the ritual circle to close. Take a drink of your ritual drink, offering some to a plant representing the World Tree, nourishing and supporting the land upon which you live.

Deep Peace

Deep peace of the Running Wave to you;

Deep peace of the Flowing Air to you;

Deep peace of the Quiet Earth to you; Deep peace of the Shining Stars to you.

-Chris Carol

All portals to Otherworlds are now closed. Our Circle is open but never broken.

Blessed Be. So be it.

Once you are complete, please extinguish your candles, clean up your ritual space and offer any natural leftovers to the earth via the birds or the compost.