Working with our Tree Mothers and Personal Story during the Waning Moon. 

The 29 day lunar cycle mirrors the Suns larger year long journey through the seasons. Each month, the phases of the moon correspond with a season. In the waning light of the moon, we feel the energetics of Fall as the moon grows darker and retreats from view. 

I love working with the trees as a spiritual tool and practice. They connect the earth and sky with their roots and crown, mirroring above and below, within and without. They hold the spiraling, ever evolving dynamic of Nature, the energy of the seed opening and unfolding, developing and unfolding the power within. In 13 Spirals Mystery School, you work with the trees from a feminist, post-patriarchy viewpoint.  You engage with the trees as manifestations of the Goddess offering spiritual nourishment and a path for your soul work. 

Ancient cultures knew of the power and sacred nature of trees.  In working with the trees, you connect with your lineages and ancestors by learning the myths and stories associated with the trees. The spirit of the tree often takes the form of dyad or fairy, a being that you can sense and perceive as having aspects that mirror your human experience. Each lunar cycle you connect with the Tree Ogham, or Tree Mother, to develop a relationship with the trees both physically and energetically to bring forward and weave together ancient nourishment and the energetics of Nature. From here, you unfold and evolve yourself and create a thriving and flourishing life for yourself, your family and your community.

When I connect with Holly, the sacred tree ogham for this lunar cycle, as she is in Fall, I see first and foremost the bright red berries and the way some of the inner leaves contribute to the spectacular colors of fall by turning red as well. I sense a wave of relaxation and the need for respite after the fiery heat of the summer.  It is a time of reflection and integration. 

Holly Tree Mother Affirmation ~ I revel in my strength and acknowledge the warrior within.
— - From The Annym Billagh

Storytelling is a supportive and fun practice to engage in seasonally during Fall, and monthly as the waning moon shines down on us. Fall is a time for gathering around the fire on cool nights, telling stories of fools on grand adventures, heroines on their journeys and warriors in righteous battle. As the waning moon also holds the energy of Fall, the writing of our story is a useful tool at this time. Storytelling creates a bridge between our unconscious and conscious minds. Creating a story or personal myth offers the opportunity to reframe an experience in appreciation and to reveal wisdom, personal growth, guidance and highlight the next steps to take. 

Working with the affirmation above of the Holly Mother, what is your story this month? Where did your strengths show up this month in service of your values and your sense of what is right? 

What is your story this month? 

What is happening for you?

What is showing up for you to see? 

What is working, what is not? 

Is there a recurring theme or pattern? 

What do you most want to happen?

Find a safe and quiet place in nature to ponder these questions gently, allowing a story to emerge, realistic or fantasy. A story where you can see, with curiosity and wonder, the unfolding of yourself as a warrior of the feminine, a strong and insightful woman. Write the story down, bringing the perceptions of your heart and soul through your mind with the use of language and the exercise of writing it down. This practice connects you to the power of the word, your power to express, communicate and create your life. 

Re-read the story several times over the next week and jot down any insights, realizations and next steps that appear for you. This practice connects you with your feminine nature, your creativity and the aspects of yourself as creator and nurturer of life. 

This practice of writing the story was cathartic and illuminating for me. I used my power of the word to scatter seeds, like Mother Nature does in the fall, of love, strength and power onto the soil of my life. 

What will this practice bring to you?