Ask Yourself These Five Questions to Explore and Activate the Matriarch Archetype Within You 

Journaling, writing in your diary and the art of inquiry are powerful tools for self-reflection and evolution. First, there is no need to censor yourself, in fact, you don’t want to, because you are safe with you, you hold yourself in the highest regard (or strive to and practice doing!) Second, the act of writing, with your favorite pen, in a beautiful outside setting, supports the unfolding of your multisensory, multidimensional self, by writing about your experiences with descriptive words, you are transported to other times and places. By giving your imaginations, your intuitions, your journeys, form through the written word, you calm the mind, allowing it to open and expand what is possible, what can be created in the physical world. You can only expand as far as the linear mind will allow and writing is a vehicle to this expansion.

What is happening in Summer?

The Summer season is the culmination and peak of growth and vitality, the outward expression of the fire within. It is the pinnacle of outward energy expansion and movement.

Earth is exhaling fully all of her creative energy to provide food, sustenance and protection to the beings of the world.

The energy of the Summer is the outer expression of our inner Power and Movement. Drawing upwards the internal fire you built, stored and nourished during the dark half of the year, you now see it spill forth out into the world in your unique way, an expression of your magic, your gifts. 

The matriarch is a sacred feminine archetype that aligns with the energies of Summer

In The Circle of Life, Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard explore the matriarch archetype as the dynamic of a female leader, a queen.  “Her leadership methods are rooted in women’s ways of empowerment. She is quick to acknowledge the gifts and abilities of others and masterful at delegating responsibility. She knows her limits and does not take everything on herself; she recognizes overload as a disservice to herself and those who love her and rely on her. “(p.111)

"During the lunar cycle ... let your contemplations take you far back in time beyond the memories of your grandmother's grandmother, back to the place when History was Herstory and to the time of the worship of the Madrones, the Ancient Mothers. They have left their power in the very earth that was molded into the mother shapes, the bird and snake goddesses, and the heavy-bellied and heavy-breasted mothers, the mothers of the Wild Things. The Madrones, Artemis and the true-life female clans of the Amazons… these ancient mothers are our strength and power. "- The Tree Mothers

We have the energy of these ancient mothers within us- as strong, insightful and sovereign women, women whose voices want and need to be heart in the world. As women who cannot and will not be silent in the face of injustice within their own lives and within their communities and the world. Women who rebel at being pruned to fit into an acceptable shape and way of being and rather seek to harness this fire within. 

Contemplation and Journal Questions

We have the energy of these ancient mothers within us and we have had them in our lives. Close your eyes and see the women who are the strong women, the matriarchs, you have or have had in your life.. See them, connect with them in your imagination, your inner world…what qualities, gifts and attitudes do they possess, what does it feel like to be around them?  Before moving on to the questions below, take a few minutes and write about your inner experience of connecting with these women, tell a short story of this experience using as much descriptive language as you can.

  • How do these women encourage you, challenge you to stretch and grow, how have they nourished the growth of your inner power?

  • What gifts(skills, wisdom and attitudes) of the matriarch did they help awaken within you?

  • Bringing your awareness to the summer dynamic of Movement..Are you using these strengths in your life? In support of your values? In what ways do you nourish the inner power of others?

  • What next steps lie before you to bring these strengths more fully into your life?