Lunar Wisdom: The Energies and Dynamics of Oak

Closing my eyes, I settle into the safety of my own energy field, heart breathing and connecting with the energy of the Sacred Oak Tree. When I look with my magical eye at the Oak in spring, I am filled with this rising sense of anticipation; movement up and out. Rhythmically, like waves pulsing up from the roots and into the trunk, the next wave reaching higher than the last. The tide coming in. The buds at the tips of the branches beginning to swell. Not rushing, but moving forward even so.

We are coming from rest, ready to go, pacing and unfolding as we should. You have the ability to respond and move at the pace of your own heart- Here we are tempering the energy. Weaving rest and action. Pulsing. Ebbing and flowing. The energy of Spanda- Spanda is a Sanskrit term – derived from the root spadi: “to move a little” (kimcit calana) – for the subtle creative pulse of the universe as it manifests into the dynamism of living form.

Yes.. practice spanda.. this pulsing back and forth, settling and nourishing the nervous system, the creative pulse of the universe, of the Web of life, as the unmanifest becomes manifest. 

The message of Duir(Oak) is that you can dare to set your goals as high as the stars, and at the same time, root yourself solidly in a position of personal strength and security in knowing your self-worth. When we assume our personal power and strengths, we take responsibility for ourselves. We trust our judgment because it is sound. We decide the course of our life and understand that our acts influence the future. We look only to the standard we have set for ourselves, adjusting it as needed. Internal force is something you feel, both in yourself and in others. It is a feeling of strength of presence that is acquired through experience. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to feel the strength of the Oak within you.”

~ The Tree Mothers: Living Wisdom of the Ogham Trees 

Supportive Acts and Rituals

When you emerge from the underworld, from your Inner Winter, you are not the same. You have insights and realizations, new dreams and visions. You realize the extent to which you have sacrificed yourself to please others. There is a longing and attraction to cut away and separate from people, habits and situations that do not support your evolution.  When you become consciously aware of your feelings, the full descent-ascent -descent experience of your feminine nature, you gain the wisdom into the cycles of change, accepting the dark, instinctive side which helps you find meaning as the light affirms our joy and courage.

  • Notice and identify your grounding practices and bring some enlivening energy in to invigorate them. What are your grounding practices? Working with tarot cards? taking walks in Nature? floating in the river or lake? Tending the garden? swaying in the hammock? meditation and mindfulness practices? More sleep? Everyone in my house has needed a nap at some point this week- has this been true for you?

  • Make an altar for this week- create an altar for yourself somewhere in your house that grounds the energy of this time; reclaiming pieces of yourself, energizing the ways that you draw nourishment from the Web of Life just as the roots of the trees do deep within the soil Web. There is no set formula for creating an altar except that it be meaningful and beautiful to You; it may include candles, stones, statues, flowers, plants, feathers, pictures, poems, pieces from nature, your written intention for this lunar cycle. I am planning to create a collage of images for my altar that hold the feelings and longings that have been swirling around my heart lately. 

Magical Cooking Wisdom:

Carry the energies of this time into your relationship with food. If you pause, get quiet and listen for a moment, there are aspects of this relationship that are ready to evolve. Here are some suggestions that are coming up for me and I include them to spark your own inner knowing and journey. 

  • Develop a meal plan for at least 3 days of meals- breakfasts, lunches and dinners- as easy or complicated as you want to go. Include lots of seasonal veggies, protein and fiber. Your shopping list flows easily from here helping your remove some processed, quick convenience foods because you have a plan for preparing nourishing healthy meals. So many varieties and colors of fresh food is available right now- let your attractions guide you.

  • Make bone broth from a rotisserie chicken- I can cook so many things but I consistently fail at baked chicken, always undercooking it. So…I love to grab a rotisserie chicken every once in awhile- I have a quick and easy meal and the beginnings of bone broth. If you are a pro at baked chicken, by all means, use that. The crockpot is one of my favorite methods - you can start the magic to brew and then ladle out the delicious broth after several hours or overnight, adding more water as needed, making it super easy to incorporate bone broth into your diet. 

    • My basic recipe is: chicken bones, onion, carrot, celery, garlic cloves, ginger, peppercorns, a splash of apple cider vinegar, bay leaves, fresh clean water.

    • Great additions; burdock root, astragalus root, nettle, parsley. 

  • Make an herbal infusion. An infusion is a very strong tea that extracts the vitamins and minerals from the plant. Linden is one of my favorite nourishing infusions and these Sacred Trees are beginning to burst with their flowers right now. 

Linden Nourishing Infusion

Linden assists us in remembering that we thrive in interconnection, through the love, help and presence of others. Linden’s medicine is the joy, magic and fullness of the moment. Her Medicine is opening up fully to the depth of the present moment, the joy of being, feeling everything. The dance and spanda of structure with expansiveness.

Harvest some fresh or dried from Mountain Rose Herbs or other stores that sell bulk herbs.

  1. Add 1 cup of flowers to a glass quart jar- A large mason jar works, I reuse a large olive jar

  2. Add boiling water and screw the lid on. 

  3. Let sit on the counter for 6 hours or overnight. 

  4. Strain with a fine mesh strainer and compost the flowers. 

  5. This makes a delicious iced tea that can be sweetened if you prefer.

May you know you have the perseverance and stamina to see your creations to completion and take the necessary action to see them through.

May you cultivate patience and stamina.

May you weave rest with action in beautiful ways.

And So it is! ✨

Blessings and Be Well this week ~


Priestess Maeve