Things to do today: Pick yourself UP, dust yourself off and start over again

I picked up the book, The Brave Learner Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning and Life, yesterday in my ongoing journey with homeschooling my 10 year old boys, hoping for some inspiration and guidance. Reading just the first couple chapters, I am feeling the heartbreak and the humbling realization that my unconscious actions, my resistant, scarcity mindset, compartmentalizing and fear based actions, have actually dumped water on the growing passions of my children. Ugh. Messages that have been moving in and out of my awareness lately come drifting in.. around resistance, victim mentality, integration over compartmentalization with the reminder that if that which you seek you do not find within, you will never find it without. My lack of patience with the victim mentality a message to look within and notice where I continually resist life, judge my circumstances, and relinquish my own power, and how ingrained that practice is that it slides under the radar so easily. 

New habits, new knowledge, new ways of being need to be nurtured with consistency, practice, exploration and time. Thanks to my friend and strength coach, @wholly.strong.janaya for the reminder and love. 


I believe it is our foundational nourishing routines, the way we weave the sacred and the everyday, that strengthens our inner will and inner skill to evolve from where we are now. You cannot solve your problems using the same way of thinking (or behaving) you used to create them- thank you Einstein. And it’s important to remember that the pull to return to old ways, old dynamics, old vibrations is strong - personified by the Inner Critic- and what is needed is for us to be present and aware. 

Ultimately, we make mistakes, we slip, we slide, we get swept up by an inner storm and are lost for a bit, the Inner Critic gets control of the wheel, picks the music station for a few miles. I used to have this Ziggy cartoon tacked on a corkboard through my late teens/early twenties that said..Things to do today: 1. Pick Yourself up. 2. Dust yourself off. 3. Start over again. And each time we do, we have changed, we have evolved. It’s about raising our own conscious awareness of self, recognizing mistakes, missteps and responding, cultivating a growing sense of self worth through the process of our own growth and transformation. Embracing what @daniellelaporte describes as deep positivity- “the faith that you are fundamentally worthy no matter what happens- not if you pull it off, not only if you’re nailing it. You’re going to be okay whether you get what you want or not.” 

Engaging with the Sacred Feminine Archetypes, embarking on a Rite of Passage, working with the Trees, aligning with our natural cycles and rhythms. These are all portals to yourself, reconnecting with the language of your feelings, your sensory perceptions of the world around you that we have been taught to ignore, reject and override in western culture. Through these portals, is your multidimensional self, your multi sensory self, the life you create, a life your heart desires, your sovereignty, your inner power. If this excites you, if this lights you up with possibility, cast out your senses, what is your next step?

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