A Journey to My Wise Woman

Walking through the forest, the moon is growing fuller, silver light on the trees and plants around me. I am moving with purpose and determination, my pants very wide and substantial. A shorter dark cloak around my shoulders swishing just past my hips. There is a sense of purpose surrounding me.

I am in tune with the Web of life, moment by moment, information coming in, and information moving out, a call and response pattern that is swift, powerful and decisive.

I arrive at the edge of the lake at the precise moment that the watercraft has arrived. I summoned it while walking, orchestrating with precision and beauty.

There are fairies and devas in the watercraft and I'm so happy to see them. They are here to accompany me to the cottage of my Wise Woman. They are the embodiment of the energies my Wise Woman is working with, they are a manifestation of her senses, in playful and healing collaboration with her. They are acting in the capacity of an advanced team, escorts and keepers of the bridge. There is an exuberant energy of play and love between us.

 We step off the watercraft and begin to wind through the tall grass, staying on the well worn pathway. I move through the doorway in the stone wall covered in vines and plants.

Across the field of wildflower, I see the cottage of my Wise Woman. It is stone and so many plants are growing up and around the cottage. I pause on the wide circular steps, reaching out to the energy of my Wise Woman for her location.

I move up the steps and through the door. She is where I envisioned her, moving around her kitchen, humming and singing quietly as she checks something on the stove and goes back to the table where she has bunches of plants laid out to be sorted.


The sun is coming up over the hill, I can hear the birds and the water and the rustling of the trees in the wind. Around me are plants, flowering and growing. I feel energized and excited to see the beauty and vibrancy. I see a Rose bush and a beautiful echinacea plant, they both call to me.

I meet with the Rose about our work together and see a luxurious and nourishing oil, fragrant and wonderful.  The spirit is soothed and lifted, the skin also soothed and nourished. Igniting within the person using the oil, soft appreciation for life, slowing down.  I thank the Rose and feel excited to create the oil with Rose.

Next I move towards the red echinacea plant. The strong sturdy stems, the abundance of blooms rising above the plant. I also see the small plants that need more room to flourish. I can smell the subtle and lovely fragrance of echinacea. Images of a nourishing infusion, a tincture with the flowers and stems for vibrancy and structure. I see images and impressions of self care- stretching, walking, loving. Beauty through the bouquets of fresh flowers.


I take a deep breath with echinacea, the information and story settling in me. As I look up, I see my Wise Woman. She moves towards me, and as she does, I can see her greeting and seeing the plants around her. We meet and exchange hugs, her warm and spicy scent envelopes me. I cast my senses out, seeking intel from the Web of Life around our conversation this morning. I just sit with her, feel her. We just sit on the patio and watch nature unfold around us. Our senses- or aspects- I see our vines spread out around the garden, going our own way and then twinning back towards each other sharing story and moments..dance and chatter around the garden, like fairy sprites, while we sit and bask in the sun.


We plan and dream while sitting here, we restore ourselves.

 And we settle ourselves in the beauty and power of the divine feminine, the creative Source that we are. Remember who you are. What you are.

I am a lightning rod, grounding to the land.

 I rise and leave my Wise Woman. I turn my face to the sun and close my eyes, breathing deeply. I travel back and am standing on my own porch, feeling the sun upon my back.

The Wise Woman is the member of my Sacred Council that is most like me at home. She is at home in her kitchen and her garden. Her dynamic is rising so strongly right now, it is time for me to step back into this dynamic.