Sacred Acts and Rituals for Inner Fall

As the moon is waning, growing smaller in the sky, preparing to retreat into darkness for a time, you have the opportunity and invitation to engage with the releasing energies of Hawthorn.

What is your heart needing at this time?

What is the state of your Inner Temple?

  • Ritual and Symbolic Acts of Release. Becoming complete with what is not working. Clean out drawers, closets, your car, clean up your computer desktop, and the front page of your phone screen. When you do something on the physical level you also cultivate some freedom and space on the inside- know that you may be organizing your closet, but something internally is organizing as well- see if you can notice what it is. This is where your power lies, your ability to transform and create your life.

  • Honor your longing to withdraw from the outside world and turn inward to the power, vision and portals that exist within you. Move with this intention when you plan appointments, meetings and other engagements for the next two weeks, and begin to schedule less interaction with the outside world and more time to travel your vast inner world.

  • Hawthorn supports you and encourages you to let go of old stories and behavioral patterns. Rewrite an old memory that has a hold on you as though it all worked out the way you wish. Building memories of health and well being help shift old patterns and the stories are what make up our life. Ask yourself about this story that is sticking around- is it helping you thrive? How would the story change to be a story of thriving? Write a story of your life in 5 or 10 years and then connect with those dreams often in your day- notice three things each day that show you these dreams are coming true.

  • Connect with the unseen realms and the magic of nature in whatever ways you are attractive to you. Perhaps connecting to what you were drawn to as a child- fairies, mythical dragons and unicorns. You could pick up an old beloved book or spend a little time coloring. Discover the dimensions of love, care and unity.

Grab a favorite beverage, put your feet up and listen, write and dream.

Grab a favorite beverage, put your feet up and listen, write and dream.

Use these supportive acts and rituals and your engagement with them as a springboard for a twenty minute expressive writing session. Start off simply like this..“I cleaned my closet and as I did, I thought about this situation in my life and I realized…” and see where you take yourself.

Do this with each act and ritual that you engage with during this week and see what happens. Each time you do this you move deeper into knowing your self. Writing about what you are experiencing supports the continued expansion of your conscious awareness. If you would like to share these writings with me, I would love to receive them and hear how it went for you!

May we listen inward, to our hearts, feeling the strong and vital inner pulse that is our power, courage and bravery. May that pulse be our guide. Blessed be.