The Hawthorn New Moon ~ An Inward Journey to the Heart


The New Moon on June 3rd is the Hawthorn Moon, inviting us to celebrate and connect with the energies of the Hawthorn Tree - with an inward journey to the heart, cleaning the temple of the self and pausing to reflect on your own personal wheel of life.

Hawthorn reminds us of the natural ebb and flow of life; that there is contraction before expansion. A time for movement and a time for stillness.

Along the wheel of the year, Spring is drawing to a close, giving way to Summer. Often at this time of year we feel the urge to rush forward, to do many things at once. Hawthorn gently catches us with thorns hidden amongst her soft green leaves and perfumed blossoms. We are enticed by her strong scent as we feel her request that we spend some time cleaning the temple of the self during this transition. Now is the time to retreat from the bustling world for some quiet moments, to gradually strengthen our minds and bodies through meditation and exercise.  

When our mundane lives are extraordinarily busy, our spiritual lives suffer. When you construct a wheel, each spoke needs to be the same length or the wheel will not roll. At best, the ride will be extraordinarily bumpy! It is the same with constructing a life… when the amount of energy devoted to family, friends, work, and commitments get out of balance, everything will suffer.

Another aspect of the Hawthorn Moon is identifying the obstacles that are preventing you from progressing on your spiritual path. Now is a time to take stock and see with clarity the obstacles and opportunities that lie before you.

Hawthorn suggests a cleansing, a need for the removal of that which weakens you. This is a period of contraction, of mental activity as a prelude to manifestation and expansion.  The invitation is to weave a pause into this busy time before summer begins.

Ritual Acts to honor the New Moon in Hawthorn:

*Meditation and Breathwork- Do some pranayama breath work and/or meditation. If you’re new to meditation, the Insight timer app is a great resource with so many guided meditations and more. Carve out some time to turn inward, listening to the whispers of your heart and soul.

*Exercise- take a walk in nature, do yoga, swim, exercise with the intention of tending to and nourishing the temple that is your body.

*Do some spring cleaning- of your home, your desk, your computer desktop, the home screen of your phone. Donate what you no longer need or want but still has life left.


*Create a Life Wheel diagram like the one done by Mallika Chopra.  Go to a quiet place in your house or out in nature. If it’s in your house, spend some time cleaning the space, perhaps creating an altar guided by your own intuition and inner guidance. What symbols and items represent this time for you? Working with the wheel offer yourself honest feedback about how balanced your life wheel is. Does it roll easily? Or is it a bumpy ride? What habits are supporting you bringing more balance to this wheel? What habits are holding you back?

What are your next steps in moving forward on your personal quest and journey?

*Honor your self, your body- the temple of your soul- take a ritual shower or bath, massage tired and sore areas of your body, especially your feet, with nourishing oil. Maybe paint your toenails and fingernails. Do something that feels good to you and sends waves of love inward to yourself, be witness to the strong, resilient and soft parts of you.

May we listen inward, to our hearts, feeling the strong and vital inner pulse that is our power, courage and bravery. May that pulse be our guide. Blessed be.