Our Personal Winter; A Sacred Time of the Month

We are in the week of the Dark and New Moon. It is our Winter Season of the month. The most sacred time of the month.  

This is the Death and Rebirth Phase. It is during this time that we Release, Surrender, Restore and Repair.

Pay attention to your dreams and visions.  Journal about them immediately after waking. Sleep a lot.  When we take exquisite care of ourselves, especially during our winter cycle, we have a better chance of a great Spring and Summer.

Like the moon goes into the dark void, disappearing for a time, we go inward, into our own creative void to release and purify that which we have taken into our energy and body during the month.

Supportive acts and rituals -

*Life review-

  • What are the obstacles and what are the opportunities that you may have not noticed until now?

  • What is working?

  • What beliefs are no longer serving me?

  • What practices are not supporting me?

  • What new practices would support me right now?


  • Find a way to retreat physically or energetically - for a day, for an hour, for 5 minutes each hour.

  • Do self- care - reading, listening to music, drawing, painting, crafting, cooking.

  • Buy yourself flowers or wildcraft some on your walk in nature as a symbolic gesture of love. Delight yourself and activate your parasympathetic ‘rest and digest’ system. Plant and flower aromas have significant effects on behavior, mood and cognitive function.

  • Listen for the pulse of your own heart and soul.

*Visions of Times to Come

  • Be attentive to the ways you receive intuitive wisdom.

  • Write it all down.

  • Draw.

Read more about Ritual acts for this new moon in My arTicle -hawthorn- A journey inward to the Heart-

Magical Cooking Tips for this Week:

  • To balance the heavy and moist Spring energies, focus on foods that are light, dry and warm.

  • For this Winter week nestled within Spring, incorporate some deeply nourishing foods-for example, try cooking your grains in bone broth. Incorporate bone broth into a nourishing soup. Bone Broth is rejuvenating to your whole system but especially your bones, joints and tissues.

  • Increase your intake of protein to rebuild resilience and strength while also grounding and stabilizing your energy.

  • Incorporate more warm vegetables, maybe a couple times- roast your veggies instead of eating them raw this week, enjoy foods that are easy to digest, giving the digestive system some ease and comfort.

  • Chocolate- Enjoy small amounts of dark chocolate like Decadent Brownies.

  • Fortifying, restorative and nourishing teas and infusions such as Nettle and Red Clover.

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