Finding your Sacred Natural Place

There is a call that rises from deep within our souls, whispering in the wind, echoing softly in the night like the soft call of the owl.  It is the call of our stories, the keys that we thought were long lost, dried up seeds blowing in the wind. But what they need to grow and flourish is a little bit of earth and nurturance.


We attune to our own guiding stories by diving into the wells and waters, lakes and forests, deserts and plateaus to ground ourselves in the resonant vibration of the land that reverberates within us. By doing so, we attune to the land and it to us.

As this process unfolds, the field we build with Nature becomes so alive and dynamic that portals are opened that are gateways into the Web Of Life connecting us with all times and all places of the collective consciousness. It is on the land that we root into and rise to our full potential as visionaries and creators of life.  

By walking to the pace of your own heart and that of Nature, you will find your Sacred Natural Place. Feeling becomes your compass, your navigation tool- different sensations and feelings, an increased sense of attraction, feelings of happiness or excitement, a tingling or sense of warmth are your invitation and agreement from the land to work with you.  With a diminished sense of welcome or sense of unattraction, heed that message as well, thank this place and continue on.

Once you have found your sacred place, pause, sit, connect heart to heart with this place and ask any questions you have about what is possible, what teachings are there for you.  As you leave, offering gratitude in some way.

Visit your Sacred Natural Place often, build an altar, a shrine, a stack of stones if that feels good, something that will last or something that the winds will reorganize and redistribute.  Notice the changes in the land each time you come, notice what’s happening inside you. You may find you have a greater reservoir of inner courage, strength, capacity, calm contentment and compassion from which you create the life your heart desires. 

We have our own guiding stories, and they are deeply rooted in the heart of our own native landscapes...Those stories not only ground us: they show us what we might once have been, we women, and what we might become again if we choose. ‘The world will be saved by the Western women,’ the Dalai Lama once said.  And, if we stand with our powerful and inspiring native sisters from around the planet, together we all might just have a chance.
— Sharon Blackie