Rooting into Our Natural Cycles

Rooting into Our Natural Cycles ; Moving through the Wheel of the Year Each Month

Messages of self-care, self- love, rejuvenation and regeneration are whispers from the heart that are often ignored.  The cumulative weight of these ignored whispers along with the energy that we pull in through the month often reach a critical point before monthly bleeding begins; PMS, moodiness, sadness and more. What this has looked like for me is at the start of my cycle- often the day before is that I am explosively angry at myself and others. I feel so full of all the emotions and energies of the month. When I feel this way, I dream of curling up in the fetal position in a tent or cave. When I start to bleed, the haze begins to dissipate and I can see more clearly.  However, as the heavy emotions begin to leave, sometimes I still struggle to rest and do not sleep well.

One month awhile ago, while camping with my family, I was feeling overwhelmed and unable to rest on my first day of bleeding. In the quiet early morning at the lake, I sat with my steaming cup of tea, reading about a woman swelling with power as she embodies the Amazon Woman archetype; independent and strong willed. The counterpart of the Amazon archetype is the Daughter, who needs food, sleep and exercise to thrive in her innocence and development. The Daughter is like the roots, the foundation from which the Amazon’s power can rise and move into the world.

A few days later, I met with a friend for a lovely walk and talk. We began to talk about her health and our conversation moved into a discussion of the health of the womb. We talked about how a woman’s cycle each month mirrors the seasons of the year; biologically, emotionally and energetically.

Inner Winter ~ the Week of Menstruation- A time for Rejuvenation

Inner Spring- the Follicular Phase- A time of Creation

Inner Summer- Proliferation and Ovulation- A time of honoring Love and Magic

Inner Fall- Luteal- A time to Harvest and clean up for the Descent

What struck a strong cord within me is when we view our cycle from this perspective, our Inner Winter, our week of Menstruation becomes a time for rest, to sleep and move inward; a time for dreams and visions. If you do not respect this time of rest and retreat, it may make the other times of the month harder. I can see the ways that I have not honored his time, how our culture does not honor this time of Inner Winter. I long for this rest and inward time but also feel the constant pull towards doing and being productive. Our western culture, which is very goal oriented and productivity focused, let’s say “forever Summer” asks us to ignore or reject our feminine cyclical nature . As women, we constantly compare ourselves to the male oriented ways of being and come up different.

A woman’s sacred way of being is to hold myself in the highest care and regard.  It’s time to reclaim this sacred woman’s way and honor ways rather than denying them to pick up the ways of men. It is part of a woman’s journey to learn to Be, to not always be doing.

We can connect with the sacred Oak Tree in Winter with our imagination and get a sense of her energy; her outward presence is very quiet and still but there is so much activity going on deep within. Her root depth is equal to her height and so there is a whole other world down below the surface of the soil. Here she is feeding the soil and the soil is feeding her roots. For us, this time is for sleeping, resting, taking journeys and listening to our dreams. We pull out the seeds of creation that are seeking the warmth of Spring that will come.

We are not resilient, strong and sovereign when we are exhausted and angry or resentful at others for what we can provide to ourselves. I am the system, the system and I are one. Our feelings contain messages from our multi sensory, multidimensional selves delivered in ways unique to us; using our inner language whether its memories, ways of thinking, songs, etc.

Journeying with the seasons and cycles is a pathway into the Mystery, a way to Be. By working with the moon cycles, the ever cycling and changing of the seasons, our own cycles and rhythms, we are reorienting to Nature, to us, because we too are Nature. We too have periods of birth, growth, decline, death and rebirth, unfolding us and evolving us.

Start by tracking your own cycle, do you know how many days it is? What is happening with your body, your emotions, and your thoughts as you move through your biological cycle? By deepening your relationship with your self, you bring a higher level of care and regard for yourself and become more aware of the messages and information constantly moving in, out and through you from the Web of Life.

By diving into this practice of My Natural Cycle, you circle back, spiral back in, and listen to the wisdom of your own heart. Respect the whispers of your heart for that is the only way others will as well. This is an ancient practice of the warrior. You cycle through the wheel of the year each month and have the ability to tap into your inner wisdom, dreams and visions so that you may return to everyday life with strategies and plans to better thrive and flourish as a woman, in your community and beyond.

Sacred healing foods and herbs can also play a role in physically and emotionally supporting our spiraling unfolding of each month and each season. The deeply nourishing foods of Winter, building the blood and nourishing the soul, our inner soil. In the Spring, the cleansing and bright foods bring us energy and vitality as we emerge to Spring’s rays of sunshine and dynamics of growth. Foods full of life and energy for the high energy of Summer, when we are building and creating; bringing projects and dreams to manifestation. Finally, the foods of Fall, deeply grounding and fortifying when we begin the descent and are taking stock of what is needed, what is ready to be cleared out and cleaned up.

In the ways of ancient cultures women were shamans and were revered for their ability to access the wisdom of the Mysteries into during ‘moon times’. Women went to caves and tents to move deeply into themselves and unravel the mysteries they received, not because they were dirty and must be ostracized.

What might your inner cave look like? In what ways can you physically create a safe haven for yourself during your Inner Winter? A place where you can reflect, rest, dream, journey and rejuvenate.

Subscribing to the 13 Spirals Monthly guidebook is a next step on the pathway in this work and do some soulwork, exploration and unfolding of your own magic, purpose and being. A deeper dive might be to embark upon a seasonal rite of passage, working with seasonal energies to support and mark your evolution from one way of being to another.

Blessings on your journey, I would love to hear about it.