Rooting into Our Natural Cycles

Rooting into Our Natural Cycles ; Moving through the Wheel of the Year Each Month

Messages of self-care, self- love, rejuvenation and regeneration are whispers from the heart that are often ignored.  The cumulative weight of these ignored whispers along with the energy that we pull in through the month often reach a critical point before monthly bleeding begins; PMS, moodiness, sadness and more. What this has looked like for me is at the start of my cycle- the day before, I am explosively angry at myself, spilling this violence over to my children, erupting into screaming and then crying. I feel so full of all the emotions and negative energies of the whole month. When I feel this way, I dream of curling up in the fetal position in a tent or cave. When I start to bleed, the haze begins to dissipate and I see more clearly.  However, as the heavy emotions begin to leave, I still can’t rest, not sleeping well, feeling worried and anxious and so tired.

At the start of my cycle one month, while camping with my family, I was feeling overwhelmed, under appreciated and unable to rest. In the quiet early morning at the lake, I sat with my steaming cup of tea, reading about woman swelling with power as the Amazon Woman, independent and strong willed. The counterpart of the Amazon is the Daughter, who needs food, sleep and exercise to thrive in her innocence and development. The Daughter is like the roots, the foundation from which the Amazon’s power can rise and move into the world.

Three days later, I met with a friend for a lovely walk and talk. We began to talk about her health and the talking moved into the health of the womb and uterus. We talked about how a woman’s cycle through the month mirrors the seasons of the year.

When I got home I re-read the article she sent me months ago about the menstrual cycle aligning with the seasons and the descriptions of menstruation time being Winter, a time for rest, sleep and move inward; a time for dreams and visions. Furthermore, if you do not respect this time of rest and retreat, it may make the other times of the month harder. I see the ways that I am not honoring this time, I long for this rest and inward time and feel resentful for people needing me, making demands upon me.

I realized that I have got to do better at caring for myself and this is the spiritual demand for myself as shaman witch priestess.  I am not resilient when I am exhausted and I am angry at others for what I can be providing to myself.

I see the process that gets created - this external blame that happens. But I am the system, the system and I are one. I remembering saying once in a circle that when I start to feel resentful towards others for not loving me, caring for me, or treating me the way I want to be treated, what I am receiving is a message to myself that it’s time for a shift in the way I care for myself. A woman’s sacred way is being shown to me- I hold myself in the highest care and regard.  It’s time to reclaim this sacred woman’s way, honor our woman’s ways over denying them to pick up the ways of men.

This cycling with the seasons resonates with and informs my work. With the new moon circles, magical cooking and herbs, dancing with the trees, the rite of the womb work, we are recovering this sacred feminine way of being. These realizations sparked an inner journey to the oak in winter, her outward presence very quiet and still but so much activity going on deep within, her roots depth equal to her height. Feeding the soil, the soil feeding her roots. Sleeping, resting, journeys and dreams. Pulling out the seed of creation that is seeking the warmth of the spring that will come.

In the ways of ancient cultures, a woman was Shaman and she was revered for her ability to access the wisdom of the Mysteries into during menstruation. Women went to caves and tents to move deeply into themselves and unravel the mysteries they received, not because they were dirty and must be ostracized. There is anger and a sense of powerlessness when those wisdoms come forth with no one listening, no one paying heed.

We are being asked to circle back, spiral back in, ‘listen to the wisdom of your own heart first. Respect the whispers of your heart, that is the only way that others will as well’. This is a lineage of the feminine I am resurrecting and bringing forth with the archetype of the warrior and guardian. This ancient practice of the warrior, to cycle through the wheel of the year each month, to tap into wisdoms and clear paths for seeing in dreams and visions to return to normal life with strategies and plans for better thrive and flourish as a woman, as a community and beyond.

In what ways can and do sacred healing foods and herbs play a role in supporting the spiraling unfolding of each month, each season?  The deeply nourishing foods of Winter, building the blood and nourishing the soul, our inner soil. In the Spring, the cleansing and bright foods bring us energy and vitality as we emerge to Spring’s rays of sunshine and dynamics of growth. Foods full of life and energy for the high energy of Summer, when we are building and creating; bringing projects and dreams to manifestation. Finally, the foods Fall, deeply grounding and fortifying when we begin the descent, taking stock of what is needed, clearing out, cleaning up.