The Rite of the Womb


Our power as women is swelling and rising, the Women’s March of 2017, the #metoo and #timesup movements, the Women’s March of 2018 and 2019 and the dramatic number of women running for political office are all beautiful global expressions of our rising voices gathering together with our intentions, power and strength in pursuit of love, inclusion and healing. This power is very much needed in a world where violence against women pervasive as we watch state after state seek to control and dictate women’s self determination with their lives and their bodies.

The power of women is swelling and rising every single time a woman listens deeply within, when we support each other, when a woman connects to her authentic heart and uses it to guide her to bring her unique light to her family and her community rippling out to the entire Web of Life. What is bubbling up and rising in the world, the reclaiming of Women’s Spiritual Nature as creators of life is nurtured and supported by Rite of the Womb.

It is time for Purification and Preparation on a macro level, for letting go of negative energy, negative relationships, old stories, old ways of being. This is the energy of the Fall and Winter seasons, outside we watch leaves fall to the ground leaving the plants bare and cleansed. This purification prepares us to move forward anew and have space for the new that is emerging.

Right now, the collective conscious awareness is rising to help us remember that, like Nature, we too are ever- green, ever growing and ever fertile with the Sacred Feminine within us. The life force of the Sacred Feminine, of Mother Earth flows through and from us, we and Mother Earth are one. This knowing of our inherent Nature, the cycles of rebirth and regeneration shifts us from a mindset scarcity to recognizing the abundance, sweetness and beauty that surrounds us and that emanates from us.

In her book, Body of Wisdom, Hilary Hart describes and discusses the way Purification is a main aspect of a woman’s spiritual nature. Like the cycles of the seasons moving us through cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth, women’s bodies purify on a monthly basis. This is a crucial process to make sure that life can begin anew.

It is a process of embodiment, coming into the earth, recognizing the spiritual nature of earthly life, its utter sacredness, and aligning with this sacredness against all that would degrade it.
— Hilary Hart

Women purify creative space, remove contaminants and create space for new life to begin.  We do this physically with our bodies and we do it emotionally, taking in the toxic, negative energies around us and with love and sacrifice, transmuting and releasing them, making it possible for others to thrive.

There is ancient wisdom and knowing embedded within our own bodies and it’s magic is waiting for us. By turning inward and embodying the spiritual nature that inhabits our bodies, we reject patriarchal oppression that has told us we are impure. In Hart’s words, “It is a process of embodiment, coming into the earth, recognizing the spiritual nature of earthly life, its utter sacredness, and aligning with this sacredness against all that would degrade it.” One of the harmful, and there are many, results of patriarchy is the focus on transcendence over immanence. For thousands of years, our stories and ways have been driven underground and denied.

There are many choices of what the future might look like. Hilary Hart speaks of the possibility of women moving around the world, coming together to heal the world. I imagine traveling Red Tents gatherings of sacred activists, women consciously working to heal the world while being lovingly tended and supported in this sacred work. I see women everywhere living the sacred truth of their mundane ordinary lives in extraordinarily authentic ways.

What do you see and feel coming towards you? What do you seek in your future?

Learn more about exploring this within your own life and receiving the Rite of the Womb