Exploring My Midwife and Healer Aspects

In March, we find ourselves in a liminal time, with one season ending and another beginning. The days are getting longer but we might be feeling that Winter just doesn’t want to let go. A late Winter snowstorm has dramatically shifted my day to day life. Two weeks ago I was watching my thyme, mint and oregano plants sprout new leaves in the sun. Now, they are covered, nudged back into hibernation by almost three feet of snow! But..this morning I heard the call of a red winged blackbird, probably shocked at the conditions it had flown into!

Nature, with a heavy blanket of snow and the cosmos with Mercury retrograde are encouraging us, asking us to slow down, to review and reflect;

Who am I?

What do I need?

What do I want?

Where is my attention?

The invitation is to give attention to what is ending and recognize that ending, honor it by identifying the enduring value it has brought to your life and path- wisdom, truth, insights and realizations.

The energy flows to where the attention goes, so this month, we have the opportunity to pause before a new season begins and be honest with ourselves; is our attention aligned with who we are now, what we need and what we are dreaming up?  If not, it’s time to get clear, get organized, get disciplined and activate the field of our dreams.

In March, we explore the Sacred Feminine Mystery of Midwives - those women who support and stand guardian at the gateway of life, the crossroads. The overseer of the mother and the child. Those Who watch as the mother undoes herself in order to redo herself as she ushers the potential into form and delivers it into the world.  Within the healing matrix of a circle of women, we connect with this sacred mystery.

Women, the creators and givers of life, held and supported in seeing threads of the past present and future. Midwives tend to the sacred fires as we move through the cycles of creation and transformation.

This is some of my journey work with my multidimensional aspects of midwife and healer:

Her work is making and creating Healing foods, medicines and charms- art, beauty that inspire and help create a shift in consciousness. That is her healing, facilitating shifts in consciousness. She creates dream catchers, stained glass, necklaces, prayer beads, drums, Wands, wind chimes made with items from nature.

Being in her home, in her healing room, I feel held, and fed and the magic of fairy, she is putting magic in her creations. It's like she has glamour around her, she appears old and young simultaneously. Her wisdom. She tells me that the items she makes help with the transformation for others. Physical reminders and talismans for their own unfolding, the web of life and reverence to the forces of Nature.

Her house is like a hobbit house and also similar to my healing cottage. The Tuatha de Danann. Bringing forth this lineage of crafting creations for nourishment, a shift in consciousness and transformation. Works that nurture the connection with the Web of Life and the forces of a Nature.

I travel to her cottage, nestled in a valley at the base of a hill. The smell and sight of smoke rising from the chimney fill me with comfort and a familiar sense of home.  There is a wide covered porch at the front of her house. There is only the door, no windows, it’s like the light is hidden but I know it’s there.



I can feel the warmth and welcome swirling out to meet me. The door is dark wood and sturdy, intricate designs are carved into the wood and the doorknob is in the center of the door.  there is a symbol on the door in the carvings- there is a square frame of designs running the perimeter of the door, Celtic knot designs. The big design is above the doorknob, which is in the center of the door, it is large and has swirls and is ancient. It looks like an old hut with a spiral inside. The doorknob is there in the middle and it is set into a brass plate. But the knob itself is made of wood, really beautiful wood- fine ingrained wood.


I open the door and step inside. Warmth and love envelop me. I breath deeply, the smells, the light and the feelings of support, comfort, of home permeate all of my being, my cells, my tissues, and I exhale and my energy settles.


It is a large front room that is connected to the kitchen. There are comfortable chairs set into the shadows, this room is dark, illuminated by the light of the kitchen. The floor is wide rough wooden planks.


It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s as though I have been transported upon entering.


The house is long and there are windows that line the sides and back of the house, opening up to a beautiful valley with mountains beyond and waterfalls.  

The midwife bids me to sit down with her. As she moves around the kitchen fetching our tea and snacks, I hear the call of the beloved red winged blackbird. My heart fills with joy and hope for the warmth that is returning to the land.


She is timeless. Kindness and wisdom pour from her. She holds the container, she tends to the birth, to the transformation with nourishment for body and soul. Healing Foods, crafts, and journey work, following her Greater Sight. She moves slowly and deliberately.  She is Thoughtful and watchful.


She brings me some nettle tea. It’s deep green color, the earthy smell rises in the steam and enters my body, soothing my inflamed sinuses, my dry throat, my tired body and spirit. Saturating me, filling me up with moisture, clearing any stagnation and fortifying me for the next season that is quickly approaching. Nourishing the warrior within so she may be rejuvenated and restored.

In front of me on the table, various items have appeared. Paper, writing tools, and water with flour. Paper mache supplies to build an egg. To store the dreams while they are dreaming into manifestation. A vision of a plant taking root at spring equinox, growing and growing, unfolding through the spring and summer and into the fall.


This egg project lead me to the dreaming of my ritual wand seeing vines wind and swirls around the branch of an apple tree, intertwined with the symbols of the tree ogham and the names of my plant allies. Then woven with brown leather. A crystal or stone hangs from it.

I feel the connection to the beings of magic and mystery. Elves and Fairies. The Blood Sister


The energy of the Guardian Priestess.

This journey is a window into some of what my work with archetypes has brought me. In Archetypal Mentoring Sessions, you journey to meet with archetypes that are nestled within your individual energy configuration.