Burdock Root Hot and Sour Soup

In the Three Season Diet plan for March, John Douillard recommends incorporating burdock root into meals to assist and support the body during the transition from winter to spring. Before incorporating this food into my monthly meal plan, I want to connect with burdock root multidimensionally and linearly. I settle my energy and nervous system as I heart breathe. I settle myself in the dynamic of my Nourishing Foods Healing Work. I seek connection with burdock root. I find myself in the garden, a garden that looks like a garden I used to work in and I find the plant.

The leaves are large and slippery almost, not quite shiny but slippery. Deep veins, almost ridges, give rise to billowy leaves, like a billowy blouse. I step closer to the plant to engage, seeking permission. I receive permission with an increased sense of joy and eagerness.

Feelings and sensations begin pouring in; the smooth, soothing energy of water as it cleanses, rinses, and purifies. Healing all of the tissues and systems of movement within the body; the skin, the blood, the digestion, the lymphatic, mucous. I see many images of Water on the land, moving quickly, spreading and being absorbed by the land. Burdock provides assistance with elimination and removing what is no longer needed, physically and emotionally, helping us let go. New growth, new ways, new projects always come, it’s the releasing that can be hard and Burdock root helps with this.

Notice if you notice in eating and working with burdock root, anything in your life benefiting from the power and energy of water: a cleansing and rinsing, preparing for the quickening, scouring in preparation for the birth of spring and other projects and dreams coming to form in your life.

While cooking the Hot and Sour soup, I was again in the role and seat of the Fool. This was a very different recipe, I felt unsure and a little scared. It was calming to chop the carrot and burdock root into matchstick pieces and slice the shiitake mushrooms, to peel and grate the ginger. The chicken broth I had made was deep, dark and rich. I could feel the love, nourishment and healing embodied in the broth.  But, I remained skeptical, thinking of a backup - I had an extra tray of enchiladas in the freezer I could send if this was inedible. While cooking the ground pork, I was curious how this was all going to come together.

The stock was simmering, almost to a boil and ready for the other ingredients. I sprinkled the salt in and it created this amazing swirling cloud within the broth before it was completely assimilated. With that one step, my curiosity and wonder was activated, my magical senses came online, energy and vitality surged up through me, and the very air and space around me shifted. I grabbed the coconut aminos instead of the Tamari, following my attractions and intuition. I slid the chopped veggies and ground pork into the pot, added the grated ginger. When it was time, I added lemon juice instead of white vinegar and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. A strength and confidence flowed through me while I combined the cornstarch and water together for thickening the soup.

Stirring the egg into the soup at the end, I felt a sense of freedom and wonder. And what happened is it became this luxurious, thick and hearty soup.

In the crafting and consuming of this Hot and Sour soup with burdock root, I felt the dam release on the emotional turbulence that had been hanging on all day, confusion dissipating and a sense of love and security sliding in its place. After eating my hot and sour soup with homemade, crusty and soft sourdough bread and golden pastured butter, I felt restored and strengthened physically and emotionally.

I realize yet again that the guidance and wisdom I seek is within, sent to me through sensations and feelings as I move about my day. I’ve been exhausted, emotionally and physically, which wears on me and I easily shift into feeling like a victim and an unwilling, powerless being tossed by the winds and waters of life.  Tapping into my relationship with food, with cooking and through writing about my cooking, I feel the healing and nourishment, I see my energy rise and be restored and I am reminded that which I seek is within me and flows from me.

As a Shaman Witch Priestess, the guidance for me within this experience with food is that this is the way for me. Not scouring the internet looking for the fix, the diet, the way to eat that will solve all of my problems, but to explore foods with my sensory intelligences, learn their healing ways and see how and why my relationship with the food is a portal for transformation and the evolution of my authentic life.

Our relationship with food is an essential and omnipresent relationship in our lives. Through it we are connected with the land, with the cycles and rhythms of Nature and nourish our bodies and families.

The Queen on her snow throne says it’s good! Just had to share a picture of Sheba!

The Queen on her snow throne says it’s good! Just had to share a picture of Sheba!