Watermelon- A Summer Delight for Body and Spirit-

This week I got a watermelon, a beautiful one grown on Walchli Farms in Oregon and was so excited because they always have the best melons, dreaming of red watermelon flesh dripping with sweet juice. Well, gravity ushered in other plans as she often does...the watermelon rolled off the counter and landed hard on the hard, ceramic floor, it’s beautiful juice leaking all over the floor, the flesh mushy and crumbly.  So, in the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, my boys grabbed hold of their inner chefs and inner magic makers and began exploring the watermelon, scooping it with a spoon and making smoothies and watermelon juice, freezing some for later. 

Watermelon is not just a fun and refreshing summer delight, it is a medicinal food. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that watermelon helps our muscles recover after exercise- both in terms of muscle soreness and the recovery of our heart rate. It also boosts your antioxidant levels, protecting our cells from damage, and helps reduce blood pressure. 

So, after a day of playing hard, enjoying a slice of an iconic summer delight is good for the body and spirit, helping you recover and enhancing your sense of pleasure and delight. 

Our smoothie recipe- amounts are approximate 

Watermelon chunks- 2 cups

½ cup frozen strawberries

½ cup of yogurt (optional)

¼ cup of orange juice - more or less depending on how juicy your watermelon is

A Couple mint leaves

Blend up in the blender and enjoy. This is also delicious poured into reusable silicon smoothie or popsicle molds and frozen. 

Sources: https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/let-fruit-be-your-medicine-watermelons-remarkable-health-benefits-1

The Matriarch and Ritualist-she who keeps the shrine of our lives

The Matriarch and Ritualist-she who keeps the shrine of our lives

In Spring, everything is fertile and the energy is to nurture new growth, feed it and begin to wake up from the winter's sleep. We stretch and move again. Test the water. It is in this phase of the menstrual cycle we will find the energy to begin projects, to develop ideas and plan ahead. The crescent moon above us shows us the way, her light growing each night but still some aspects shrouded in darkness, in mystery.

Lunar Wisdom: The Energetics of our Inner Spring and Celebrating Lammas

During our Inner Spring week, we have the dynamics of Emergence, We are moving out of the fertile dark void of winter, where our dreams and visions have provided the essential first food to nourish our intentions and the work we want to bring into the world during this cycle and the cycles to come. Now is the time for planning, setting and fully articulating our intentions.

Our spring week marries beautifully with the energies of the Harvest Festival, Lammas.

Things to do today: Pick yourself UP, dust yourself off and start over again

Things to do today: Pick yourself UP, dust yourself off and start over again

I picked up the book, The Brave Learner Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning and Life, yesterday in my ongoing journey with homeschooling my 10 year old boys, hoping for some inspiration and guidance.

Exploring our inner boundaries{Winter}

Exploring our inner boundaries{Winter}

Hello and Welcome Dear Friends,

Take a breath, settle in and join me for a few moments…

Early morning has become my favorite time of day this summer, watching and hearing the birds become active, the first visit from the hummingbird and the energetic bounces of the twin fawns that live in our lower field both a gift and delight. I watch the steam rise from the pond and the canal as the sun rises and begins to shine and warm the Earth. The moon has also been a companion on these mornings, growing smaller each day, retreating into the darkness.